Mercury Control

2019-12-05 - 2019-12-06
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NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse
Friedrichstr. 96, 10117 Berlin
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For mercury removal the operators of combustion plants have a great challenge to meet the new emission limit values, which will become mandatory in the next years. Therefore, VGB offers a platform for an international exchange of ideas and experience.

The workshop starts with new results from university research followed by operation experience in power plants and waste incineration plants. Different mercury reduction technologies will be presented as well as monitoring aspects. One presentation is about the mercury reduction in FGD waste water effluent.

Presentations by specialists from all over Europe and overseas provide a basis for a fruitful and interesting discussion.

  • Programme
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    Last update: 9 October 2019

    Thursday, 5 December 2019
    11:30 Opening of the conference office / Lunch
    12:50 Welcome
    A. Wecker, VGB PowerTech, Essen/Germany
    13:00 Investigation of different measures to reduce Hg emission from wet flue gas desulphurisation
    I. Masoomi, M.O. Schmid, G. Scheffknecht, IFK University Stuttgart, Stuttgart/Germany
    13:30 Analysis of solid and aqueous mercury species via thermo-desorption for a better understanding of the mercury chemistry in a FGD
    I. Klöfer, M. Bittig, S. Haep, IUTA, Duisburg, D. Bathen, University Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg/Germany
    14:00 The mercury emissions from combustion of coal and lignite in Large Combustion Plants in the Czech Republic
    L. Pilar, TU Prague, Prague, Z. Szeliga, K. Borovec, TU Ostrava, Ostrava, R. Zbieg, Envir & Power Ostrava, plc, Ostrava/Czech Republic
    14:30 BREF LCP: Challenges and activities in reducing mercury emissions – the point of view of a power plant operator
    I. Wagner, A. Rieder, D. Stiefelmaier, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Stuttgart/Germany
    15:00 Coffee break
    15:45 LCP BAT-Cs – Measures to meet the provisions on mercury control in CEZ Group
    P. Frolka, CEZ a.s., Prague/Czech Republic
    16:15 SVDU’s ESSEVA study on Hg emissions from energy from waste (E-f-W) plants
    H. de Chefdebien (et al), CNIM, Paris/France
    16:45 Fate of mercury in incineration: metrology, speciation and impact on the effectiveness of abatement
    F. Burato (et al), DURAG Sales + Service GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg/Germany
    17:15 Experience on pre-combustion HALIDE addition (bromine, bromine+)
    A. Gruber-Waltl, Andritz AG, Raaba-Grambach/Austria
    17:45 End of the first day
    18:30 All participants meet in front of the hotel lobby
    Joint walk to the Restaurant Maximilians
    Friday, 6 December 2019
    08:30 Test proposal for non-thermal plasma for oxidation of elementary mercury from coal-fired power plants
    M. K. Larsen, FLSmidth A/S, Copenhagen/Denmark
    09:00 Mercury removal with activated carbon injection – achieving the new BREF values
    G. Boehm, Hamon Enviroserv GmbH, Bochum/Germany
    09:30 Reducing mercury with newly developed powdered activated carbons and sorbent enhancement additives at coal-fired power plants
    B. van de Akker, J. Herzer, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon/The Netherlands
    10:00 Design and development of zeolite-based sorbent for mercury capture
    M. Skala, Centrum Vyzkumu Rez, Husinec-Rez/Czech Republic
    10:30 Coffee break
    11:00 Hg emissions control through FGD operational improvements and hydroclone performance improvements – measurement results
    M. Pastore, EES Inc., Sandy Hook/USA
    11:30 Extended mercury reduction in FGD waste water effluent considering BREF requirements
    D. Herkelmann, Uniper Technologies GmbH, Gelsenkirchen/Germany
    12:00 Application of speciation traps for mercury abatement techniques in lignite power plants
    J. Weh, Lumex Analytics GmbH, Wakendorf, R. Claus, GMB GmbH, Senftenberg/Germany
    12:30 Field experience monitoring gaseous mercury compounds for both emissions measurement and for pollution control abatement
    D. Padwater, Sick AG, Waldkirch, F. Greiter, Sick AG, Überlingen/Germany
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 End of the workshop
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