China visited VGB - exchange on flexibility of coal-fired power plants

In China, the grid integration of renewable energy is a major challenge. In 2015, more than 33 TWh wind power were taken offline. With the provision of balancing energy, coal-fired power plants are playing a central role mainly in Northern China as there are hardly any hydropower plants in that part of the country. Against this background, representatives of the Chinese energy industry went on a study trip to Germany in order to familiarize themselves with the local experience with the flexibility of coal-fired power plants.

Scientific Advisory Board of the VGB: Pumped-storage hydro power plants are essential to enable integration of renewables into the European electricity system

The internationally lined-up Scientific Advisory Board of VGB PowerTech therefore examined the extraordinary technical and ecological potential of PSP. They noticed that PSPs are a reliable, efficient and highly flexible technology for storing large amounts of electricity for several hours on the one hand and for a longer time in the Alps and Scandinavia on the other hand.

Flexible thermal power plants – An Indian delegation study tour supported by VGB

A high-ranking delegation of representatives from India's Ministry of Energy, the Central Electricity Authority as well as different companies and institutions visited Germany from September 18 to 25, 2016. The participants were interested in learning about German experiences with adapting power plants to the fluctuating input of renewable energies. The VGB, together with its Indian partner organization EEC (Excellence Enhancement Centre), played a prominent role in organizing the program of the study tour, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the auspices of the Indo-German Energy Forum.

VGB information: Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules (VV-TB) and Requirements on Constructions (ABuG) - what will change on October 16, 2016?

The CJEU judgement of 16 October 2014 against Germany regarding additional technical requirements for products according harmonised European products standard cause changes in the German building regulations.

Robust corrosion protection for offshore wind turbines

Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) adopts joint standard from VGB PowerTech and the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) as a mandatory part of planning permission procedures. Offshore wind turbines are optimally protected, avoiding repairs and ensuring long life

VGB PowerTech: Technical competence centre for wind power at the NRW booth of WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

International association pools exchange of technical experience for wind energy. VGBs RDS-PP® and the Documentation Standard are important for efficient and cost-optimised operation of on- and offshore wind power plants.

Dr. Hans Bünting new Chairman of VGB PowerTech

- New Chairman of the Board of Directors of the international technical association for power and heat generation - Dr. Bernhard Fischer hands over the office of Chairman to Dr. Hans Bünting

New report from the IEA Clean Coal Centre on alternative water supplies for coal fired power stations

Global energy demand is rising, and water is becoming scarcer in many parts of the world. The power generation industry is often the largest industrial user of fresh water. Many countries with a growing demand for energy are also water stressed. Coal-fired power plants need a reliable supply of water, of a specified quality, that will be available over the lifetime of the plant (often 40 years +). This means alternative water sources will become increasingly important.

ICCI 2016 in Istanbul: The German working group "Conventional Power Plants" coordinated by VGB presented its activities at the Turkish-German Energy Forum (TGEF)

The 22nd International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference, ICCI, which was held April 27–29 in Istanbul, is viewed as the Turkish energy sector's biggest event. "We wanted to take this opportunity to promote our activities at the Turkish-German Energy Forum," said Dr. Oliver Then, Head of the Department Power Plant and Environmental Technologies at VGB, explaining the motivation for participating at the event.

VGB Initiative “Hgcap”: Further reduction of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants

Coal fired power plants are indispensable if the security of electricity and heat supply is to be maintained, currently and in future. The striving for a high degree of environmental compatibility is a permanent entrepreneurial task of the power plant operators. This also applies to the capture of mercury. With the VGB Initiative “Hgcap”, VGB PowerTech and the power plant operators wish to contribute to putting the debate on a more objective footing and to achieving an appropriate further reduction of mercury emissions and the implementation of the results of the European BREF-LCP process.
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