Hydropower - An indispensable part of the secure power supply in Europe

Severe power grid disturbances on 8 January 2021 underline the importance of reserve maintenance and balancing power. Hydropower has made a significant contribution to stabilising Europe's electricity grids.

White Paper SSTI - Consideration of possible effects of the operation of HVDC systems in the network on the shafts of turbo sets in power plants

The number of power-electronic actuators in the power grids in Europe and especially in Germany will continue to increase significantly in the next few years in order to ensure the integration volatile, renewable energies and the security of supply.

VGB PowerTech: Renewables, Increasing flexibility and digitisation as main tasks for future power supply

VGB PowerTech celebrates 100 Years of association history with White Paper “Energy is us” about future power supply. Electricity has an important role for the whole energy sector.

Better use of the digital data potential of wind turbines with WiPPeX

In order to optimize the operation of the wind power plants, the database "Wind Power Performance Data Exchange - WiPPeX" was established by VGB on the initiative of the SF "Wind".

Wind energy plant designation: Increasing efficiency with the harmonised system RDS-PP®

VGB PowerTech, the technical association of power plant operators, has developed a standard for the designation of wind power plant under the title RDS-PP® - Reference Designation System for Power Plants: Wind Power Plants.

VGB represented in various industry webinars

As part of the VDI online event "Let's save the climate together" and at webinars of the Indo-German Energy Forum (IGEF), the VGB reported on the role of dispatchable power generation technologies in the energy system.

Corona pandemic and COVID-19: Impacts on energy supply and energy industry

The worldwide spread of the corona virus, which has been expanding since the beginning of 2020, and the associated effects continue to determine and change our lives will continue to do so for a long time to come. The COVID 19 pandemic has triggered an unprecedented global health and economic crisis. The energy sector is also affected by this crisis.

VGB Events in 2020: Up-to-date information

Technical conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops are an important part of the services and activities of the association of energy plant operators VGB PowerTech. For this reason, we are planning our events, which are scheduled to run until August 2020, with new, sometimes considerably later dates.

Update on the Corona-Pandemia: We at VGB and PTS have a strategy for the “Corona-Exit”!

. In the light of the general easing measures, the crisis committee at VGB and PTS has defined an exit strategy for the return to a responsible normality. With effect from May 18th we will introduce up to two presence days in the office and will thus be even better available for you as members and customers. This regulation is initially valid until 29 June.

Flexible operation of coal-fired power plants in India: Workshops in Kolkata and Ahmedabad

Representatives of the VGB and its member companies exchanged ideas with Indian industry experts about the need for flexible power plant operation and what options are available. The meetings took place in the states of West Bengal and Gujarat.
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