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Newsletter 5/2017

(LTR) Erland Christensen, Dr Tobias Vogel and Dr Hans Bünting

VGB Innovation Award 2017 awarded to  Dr Tobias Vogel

The VGB Research Foundation awarded the VGB Innovation Award 2017 to Dr Tobias Vogel (34) for the development of novel concepts for the hybridization of solar thermal power plants with high solar share.

The award, endowed with 10,000€, was handed over by the VGB chairman on the occasion of the VGB CONGRESS 2017 - Generation in Competition in Essen on 13 September 2017.



  • VGBVS4OM: VGB-Standards database with a successful start
  • Latest media data 2018: Your advertisement in the VGB PowerTech Journal
  • PowerJobs: Current vacancies

Member Information

  • New power plants in Europe: Update October 2017
  • Abstracts of Minutes

New Publications

  • VGB PowerTech Journal 8 (2017): Industrial and cogeneration plants, combined heat and power plants (CHP)
  • VGB PowerTech Journal 9 (2017): Special – VGB Congress 2017: Generation in Competition
  • KKS Pocketbook – Free compact information about the KKS
  • TW-103 Ve "Availability of thermal power plants" - Now available as eBook!
  • Available in English: VGB/BAW-Standard Corrosion protection for offshore wind structures

VGB Events

Call for Papers | Review


VGBVS4OM: VGB-Standards database with a successful start

The VGB-Standards database VGBVS4OM started successfully. In the first few months of this additional service, the portal record more than 3,500 downloads of publications from the VGB portfolio.

Since June 2017, VGB PowerTech provides its Ordinary Members with an exclusive online access to the VGB Standards (VGB-Standards, VGB Guidelines, VGB Technical Instruction Sheets). The documents are made available as eBook (PDF file) online through the new web site VGBVS4OM. The documents will be labelled with the signature of the licensee and are licensed as Company License during the Ordinary Membership in VGB Power. Access is open for all representatives of the VGB Ordinary Members with the usual access data of myVGB. Printed matter can be still ordered by Ordinary Members at special prices through the VGB-Shop.

For Affiliate and Sponsoring Members, VGB PowerTech still offers special conditions for the purchase of eBooks and printed matter of the VGB Standards in the VGB-Shop.

Latest media data 2018: Your advertisement in the VGB PowerTech Journal

Also in 2018 the VGB PowerTech Journal will continue to provide current information and latest news and findings about the trends in the power business. Make advantage of our renowned journal and print advertising and address your customers and stakeholders to draw the attention to your products and services.

The focal issues and deadlines are listed in our editorial schedule supporting decision when to place you advertisement for the maximum yield. Get in touch with us, we would be pleased to make a bespoke offer to increase and improve your market position.

PowerJobs: Current vacancies

The VGB Job Market is offering prospective persons the possibility to develop their career in power and heat generation. You can find current vacancies on our homepage.

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New power plants in Europe: Update October 2017

The survey on new power plants in Europe comprises plants in planning and under construction covering different energy sources. Based on this excel sheet, the planned total output (MW) and the portions of the sources of energy (MW) can be determined.

Abstracts of Minutes

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VGB PowerTech Journal 8 (2017): Industrial and cogeneration plants, combined heat and power plants (CHP)


Dr Reinhard Maaß

The energy transition as the cause of ageing assets in the power industry – new challenges in the maintenance of power plants

Some topics:

  • INKaS-SmartLast - Software- and hardware-based total system for pooling decentralized storage capacities for marketing on the primary energy market (Florian Loosen) Download ...
  • The operating regime, and the control and management of a power plant with one-mill operation (Hans Christian Schröder and Christian Gerber)
  • Calculation of the contribution of cyclic load changes to the equivalent operating time of turbogenerators using the Rainflow method (Gunnar Löhning, Kai Kamphöfener and Dietmar Haake) Download ...
  • Gas engines – Combining efficiency and flexibility with CHP (Klaus Payrhuber, Martin Schneider, Herbert Schaumberger and Martin Thur)

Issue PT Journal 8/2017

KKS Pocketbook – Free compact information about the KKS

With the KKS Pocketbook, VGB PowerTech offers free of charge compact information about the KKS (Kraftwerk Kennzeichensystem/ Power Pant Designation System) for the user on site. The handy 128-page brochure supports the decoding of KKS codes, one of the world's most widely used key systems for the designation of equipment and components in power generation. The bi-lingual, English-German VGB-Standard (VGB-B-105-007) is an abridged version (extract) of the publication VGB-S-811-01-2017-EN KKS – Identification System for Power Stations (will be published in November 2017, formerly VGB-B 105e. The complete KKS covers the publications VGB-S-811-01-2017-EN, formerly VGB-B 105e, VGB-B 105.1 (in German only) and VGB-B 106e).

The abridged version is to assist the user in decoding systems, components and documents employing KKS codes at the plant. It provides the Function Key, Equipment Unit Key and Component Key for energy supply plants (conventional and renewable).

Single copies are available free of charge at events of VGB PowerTech or at the VGB office in Essen. Packages of 10, 25 or 50 copies can be ordered in the VGB-Shop. 

VGB PowerTech Journal 9 (2017): Special – VGB Congress 2017: Generation in Competition


Dr Hans Bünting and Erland Christensen

Welcoming address to the VGB Congress 2017 Generation in Competition

Some topics:

  • Direct marketing of wind generation in Burgenland with the support of battery storage systems (Thomas Nacht, Martina Weissenbacher and Johannes Paeck) Download ...
  • Status and future of hydro power in the Alpine region (Nicolaus Römer, Herfried Harreiter, Gundula Konrad and Orkan Akpinar)
  • Part-load limit reduction of a Frame 9E using a precursor for combustion dynamics (Driek Rouwenhorst, Julius Becker, Jürgen Gerhard, Jakob Hermann, Julian Niedermeier and Robert Widhopf-Fenk)
  • VGB-database supports performance analysis(Jürgen Aydt, Jean-François Lehougre, Ralf Uttich and Stefan Prost) Download ...

Current Issue

TW-103 Ve Availability of thermal power plants - Now available as eBook!

The Technical-scientific Report Availability of thermal power plants for the period 2007 to 2016 is available. This new report was revised in terms of structure and content. Here are some new features:

  • International focus,
  • general information and interpretation of various results,
  • new trend charts based on data covering two decades,
  • new capacity, operating time and age cluster,
  • new "quartiles" (best, median, worst) indicators pointing out the upper and lower limits of the results.

The current report provides performance indicators of 643 power plant units plus 173 machine sets of pumped storage and storage power plants.

more ...

Available in English: VGB/BAW-Standard Corrosion protection for offshore wind structures

The second edition of the VGB/BAW-Standard S-021 Corrosion protection for offshore wind structures and wind park components ( comprising Part 1 General, Part 2 Requirements for corrosion protection systems and Part 3 Application of coating systems) is available in English.

The documents can be downloaded free of charge.


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  • Oil Monitoring for Wind Power Plants
    November 7/8, 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Maintenance in Power Plants 2018 with Technical Exhibition
    February 28/March 1, 2018, Bonn, Germany
  • Steam Generators, Industrial and Cogeneration Plants 2018" with Technical Exhibition
    March 21/22, 2018, Rostock, Germany
  • Flue Gas Cleaning
    May 16/17, 2018, Hamburg, Germany
  • KELI 2018 with Technical Exhibition
    May 16/17, 2018, Potsdam, Germany
  • Steam Turbines and Operation of Steam Turbines 2018 with Technical Exhibition
    June 6/7, 2018, Koblenz, Germany
  • VGB CONGRESS 2018 - Generation in Competition
    September 12/13, 2018, Munich-Unterschleissheim, Germany
  • Thermal Waste Utilization and Fluidized Bed Firing Systems 2018
    30/31 October 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

Conferences from IEA Clean Coal Centre

  • 5th International Conference "Coal Washing - a sustainable approach towards greener environment"
    November 6/7, 2017, New Delhi, India
  • 9th International Freiberg Conference on IGCC & XtL Technologies
    June 3-8, 2018, Berlin, Germany
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Call for Papers | Review

Call for Papers: VGB CONGRESS 2018 - Call to Submit Suggestions for Papers!

The VGB CONGRESS 2018 with its new motto Generation in Competition will take place in the INFINITY Hotel & Conference Resort Munich Unterschleißheim, Germany, 12/13 September 2018. The goal of the congress is to discuss the joint action of renewable and conventional power generation within the rapid change of the energy markets in Germany and Europe. Political and overall topics will be focused in the plenary session on the first day.

For the sessions on the second day the following major technical topics will be presented:

  • Digitisation in power generation
  • Generation & storage technologies for the future
  • Lessons learned in new build-projects and O&M
  • Flexibility options in generation and storage of power and heat
  • Optimisation, monitoring & diagnosis
  • Training and education
  • Conservation and decommissioning

We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions by 15 December 2017.

Call for Papers: Flue Gas Cleaning 2018

For the VGB Workshop Flue Gas Cleaning, which will take place on May 16/17, 2018, in Hamburg, Germany, we would be pleased to receive your concise summary not later than December 31, 2017.

Call for Papers – Steam Turbines and Operation of Steam Turbines

Aim of the conference is to ensure steam turbine operation on a high availability and efficiency level also in the future. Changes of the market and the reactions on the manufacturer and operator side as well as in the complete service sector make this experience exchange even more necessary yet.

Submit your proposal for paper online now!

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