Start of a flexibility study in India: VGB team visits two NTPC power plants * Time for redesign - VGB PowerTech's homepage shows its new look * Information Security for power generating plants – Implementation of the German IT security law * VGB Innovation Award 2017 - Call for Proposals * VGB Quality Award 2017: Proposals Welcome * There are still free places! Register now for the Workshop Materials and Quality Assurance * Register now for the Conference Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines 2017 * The VGB Congress 2017 is approaching! * Call for Papers - Submit your lecture for the Conference Chemistry in Power Plants * Save-the-date: VGB announces Kickoff-Workshop about Energy Efficiency and Energy Management System ISO 50001 * VGB PowerTech Journal 1/2 (2017) Focus: VGB Congress “Power Plants 2016”, Leipzig, Germany: Focus on technical papers * VGB PowerTech Journal 3 (2017): Chemistry in power plants; Power plant and power plant fleet management * VGB Events [more...]


VGB Quality Award 2017: Proposals welcome * Thermal power plants more flexible – VGB team speaks in New Delhi * VGB Innovation Award 2017 - Call for Proposals * Award of the VGB silver badge of honour to Dr. Sauro Pasini * Call for Papers - VGB-Workshop Flue Gas Cleaning * New power plants in Europe: Update February 2017 * „Partner steam power plant“ for the regenerative power generation: Final report in English * Abstracts of Minutes * Ice Detection Systems for Wind Turbines, Part II: Field test and benchmark at wind park Stor-Rotliden * Belit-Calciumsulfoaluminate-Cement from lignite and hard coal fly ash * VGB Events * Available in English: Offshore Diving Guideline * VGB PowerTech Journal 12 (2016): VGB Congress “Power Plants 2016”: Reports, impressions; Fuel technology and furnaces * VGB-S-002-03-2016-08-EN - Technical and commercial indicators for power plants * Available in English: VGB/BAW-Standard VGB-S-021-01-2016-EN - Corrosion protection for offshore wind structures and wind park components * VGB-S-041-00-2016-04-EN - Standards for professional leadership behaviour * VGB-S-043-00-2016-06-EN - Concept of (recurrent) training for performance of non-routine activities in German NPPs * VGB-S-116-00-2016-04-EN - Preservation of Power Plants * VGB-S-121-00-2016-04-EN - Monitoring, limiting and protection devices on gas turbine systems * VGB-S-145-00-2015-11-EN - Guide for the procurement of steam turbine plants * VGB-S-832-00-2016-04-DE-EN - Document designation for energy supply units * TW-103Ae - Analysis of Unavailability of Power Plants [more...]


* Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year* New emission limits in India – VGB team reports about its experiences at workshops in Kolkata, Raipur and Hyderabad * Kristian Ruby appointed as next Secretary General of EURELECTRIC * VGB Quality Award 2017: Proposals welcome * Call for Papers - VGB-Workshop Flue Gas Cleaning * Abstracts of Minutes * Investment Requirements in the EU Electricity Sector up to 2050 – Presentation of study results at DG JRC * Pozzolanic reactivity of fly ash - New test procedure on trial* VGB PowerTech Journal 11 (2016): Steam turbines and steam turbine operation; Environmental engineering * Media Data 2017: Your advertisement in VGB PowerTech * VGB-S-116-00-2016-04-EN - Preservation of Power Plants: Coming soon! * VGB Events [more...]


Scientific Advisory Board of the VGB: Pumped-storage hydro power plants are essential to enable integration of renewables into the European electricity system * Robust corrosion protection for offshore wind turbines * VGB PowerTech: Technical competence centre for wind power at the NRW booth of WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 * Dr Hans Bünting new Chairman of VGB PowerTech * VGB Safety & Health Award 2016 awarded to Electricite de France * Flexible thermal power plants – An Indian delegation study tour supported by VGB * China visited VGB - exchange on flexibility of coal-fired power plants * Polish standard for synthetic gypsum send to enquiry * VGB information: Administrative Provisions – Technical Building Rules (VV-TB) and Requirements on Constructions (ABuG) - what will change on 16 October 2016? * Call for Papers - VGB CONGRESS 2017 * Call for Papers - VGB Workshop "Materials and Quality Assurance" * Abstracts of Minutes * VGB Innovation Award 2016 awarded to Josef Langen * Alkali Silica Reaction - Variation of Prestorage Time - Further Investigations - New research project started * VGB PowerTech Journal 9 (2016): VGB Congress “Power Plants”. Renewables and distributed generation * VGB PowerTech Journal 10 (2016): Electrical engineering, instrumentation and control, information technology. Combined heat and power plants (CHP): Concepts and technology * Media Data 2017: Your Advertisement in VGB PowerTech * VGB-S-002-05-2015-10-EN-ebook - Wind Turbines (WT) ─ Definitions and Indicators - Now available as eBook! * TW-103 Ve "Availability of Thermal Power Plants" - Now available as eBook! * VGB Events [more...]


Register now! VGB Congress 2016 - The leading industry event of power generation *Namaste India – Indian delegation visits the VGB Congress * VGB Conference Steam Turbines and Operation of Steam Turbines 2016 proved very popular * New power plants in Europe: Update July 2016 * Abstracts of Minutes * Benchmark Study on European-Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Emission Reporting and Assessment of Best Practices * VGB PowerTech Journal 7 (2016): Maintenance and service, retrofit, policies and projects; Renewables: Maintenance and service, retrofit, policies and projects – Wind power * VGB PowerTech Journal 8 (2016): Storage technologies, Industrial and cogeneration plants; Civil engineering: Power plants, wind and hydro power plants * VGB-S-115-00-2016-01-EN-ebook - Recommendations for the inspection and overhaul of steam turbines - Now available as eBook! * VGB-S-120-00-2016-02-EN-ebook - Exclusion of foreign material ingress into opened systems/components of nuclear power plants - Now available as eBook! * Alternative water supplies for coal-fired power stations - New report from the IEA Clean Coal Centre [more...]


VGB Initiative “Hgcap”: Further reduction of mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants * ICCI 2016 in Istanbul: The German working group "Conventional Power Plants" coordinated by VGB presented its activities at the Turkish-German Energy Forum (TGEF) * Abstracts of Minutes * VGB PowerTech Journal 4 (2016): Service for power plants; Control and balancing energy, Flexibility of new and existing power plants; Renewables: Biomass * VGB PowerTech Journal 5 (2016): Nuclear power, nuclear power plants: operation and operating experience * VGB-S-210-00-2015-07-EN - Characterisation of Power Plant Coal - Now available as eBook! * VGB-S-831-00-2015-05-EN - Provision of Technical Documentation (Technical Plant Data, Documents) for Energy Supply Units - Now available as eBook! * VGB Events [more...]


VGB PowerTech: New documentation standards for wind power plants * Meeting of Power Industry Cooling Water Specialists (PICWS) * VGB Innovation Award - Call for Proposals * Call for Papers - VGB Conference Chemistry in Power Plants 2016 * VGB PowerTech at a glance - New one-pager published * New Power Plants in Europe: Update March 2016 * Abstracts of Minutes * VGB PowerTech Journal 3 (2016): Chemistry in power plants * VGB PowerTech Journal 4 (2016): Service für Kraftwerke * VGB-TW103Ve-ebook - Availability of Thermal Power Plants 2005-2014 - Now available as eBook! * VGB Events [more...]


Scientific Advisory Board of the VGB: Battery Storage - Option for Short-time Grid Stabilisation * Mercury Emissions from Coal-fired Power Plants * VGB Innovation Award - Call for Proposals * New! Free Downloads from the VGB PowerTech Journal * Hans ten Berge: Powering the Energy Union’s decarbonisation agenda * VGB PowerTech Journal 12 (2015): VGB Congress Power Plants 2015. Gas Turbines * VGB PowerTech Journal 1-2 (2016): Energy Transition: Opportunities for Power Generation * VGB Events [more...]


Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year * EU Directive on the Limitation of Emissions from Medium Combustion Plants Published * Call for a VGB Workshop on Mercury * Call for Papers - Flue Gas Cleaning 2016 * KRAFTWERKSSCHULE E.V.: Ernst Michael Züfle New Managing Director * New Power Plants in Europe: Update November 2015 * Call for Participation in a VGB-Standard "Dosing Technology" * Abstracts of Minutes * Security Alert: Europe Needs More Grids, More Power Plants – Say Grid Operators and Generators * IInnovative and Ecological Approach for Dam Restoration for Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) * VGB PowerTech Journal 10 (2015): Steam Turbines and Steam Turbine Operation. Environmental Engineering: Flue Gas Cleaning; Thermal Waste Utilisation * VGB PowerTech Journal 11 (2015): Environmental Technologies * VGB-S-002-T-01;2012-04.FR-ebook - Basic Terms of the Electric Utility Industry - Is Now Available in French! * VGB Events [more...]


Züblin Stahlbau GmbH and Claus Queck GmbH Selected for the VGB Quality Award 2013 * Call for Papers - Steam Generators, Industrial and Cogeneration Plants 2016 * Call for Papers - Steam Turbines and Operation of Steam Turbines 2016 * Abstracts of Minutes * Impacts on the Delivery of Control Power on Selected Components of the Water-steam-cycle * Collaborative Joint Research Project “Partner Steam Power Plant” Completed * VGB PowerTech Journal 8 (2015): Hochtemperatur-Werkstoff-Teststrecke II (HWT II) in the Grosskraftwerk Mannheim. Civil engineering for power plants * VGB PowerTech Journal 9 (2015): Renewables and Decentralised small plants. Special edition: VGB Congress “Power Plants 2015”, Vienna/Austria * VGB-S-823-31-2014-12-EN-DE - RDS-PP – Application Guideline; Part 31: Hydro Power Plants Published * VGB Annual Report 2014/2015 Now Available * Electricity Generation - Facts and Figures 2015/2016 Published * VGB Events [more...]