November 2005


1)  EU Biomass Action Plan

2)  Nuclear Power Plant Krümmel now with Record Capacity for BWRs

3)  Nuclear Power Plants in Central Europe Remain Unaffected by Summer Floods

4)  Predictive Control System for Municipal Waste Incinerators

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5)  Steam Turbines - VGB PowerTech Journal


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Use of Renewables and Distributed Generation - 13th September 2005

1) EU Biomass Action Plan

The "Biomass Action Plan" of the European Commission will be published at the beginning of 2006. The further use of biomass to generate electricity, heat and biofuels for transport applications will be described.

2) Nuclear Power Plant Krümmel now with Record Capacity for BWRs

The boiling water reactor Krümmel, situated on the banks of the river Elbe near Hamburg, has performed the most comprehensive outage in its operating history in 2005.

The refurbishment included the major part of a long-planned turbine reconstruction, to be completed in 2006 and boosting the electric capacity (net/gross) from 1280 MW/1330 MW to 1360 MW/1410 MW. Thermal efficiency will increase from 34,7 % to 37,0 % correspondingly.

Reconstruction of the last low-pressure part of the turbine will be performed in 2006, until then the output capacity will remain slightly 10 MW below the above mentioned figures.

Yet Krümmel has already surpassed the until now most powerful boiling water reactors of the ABWR type in Japan.

3) Nuclear Power Plants in Central Europe Remain Unaffected by Summer Floods

The heavy rainfalls of late August 2005 had no impact on the nuclear power plants in southern Germany and Switzerland, thus proving their flooding protection concepts to be adequate.

Although the river levels of Danube, Isar and Aare rose to record values near the "10.000- year mark", no damage occured at all stations due to their precutionary layout against high water levels.

4) Predictive Control System for Municipal Waste Incinerators

Fuzzy based firing control uses conventional data about the status of a firing system for improvement of the control logic. The Fuzzy concept of verbalising the control logic finds its continuation in using methods of artificial intelligence. The R&D project "Comparision and development of innovative concepts for grate control systems on the example of municipal waste incineration plants" is a further step in this direction.

5) Steam Turbines - VGB PowerTech Journal

Main topic of the November issue are Steam Turbines.
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