NPP Events

Reporting and Evaluation Centre

Tasks and Functions

Database of the Reporting and Evaluation Centre

The main task of the centre is to support the nuclear power plant operators in the exchange and the use of operating experience reports.
The centralisation of these tasks allows a most efficient processing. An essential prerequisite to achieve this goal is the database “Specific Events”, which is installed at the VGB offices.

  • Documentation of reportable events from nuclear power plants worldwide.
  • By now, the documentation covers the past 20 years.
  • Daily updates.
  • Selective technical analyses of the reportable events.
  • Statistical analyses of selected operating characteristics (frequencies of events, categories of damages, etc.)

See here the graphic of the reporting system with its information routes and institutions in the database.

Cooperation of the Evaluation and Reporting Centre with WANO (World Association of Nuclear Power Operators)

The Evaluation and Reporting Centre in its function as the central liaison office between the German nuclear power plant operators and WANO with centres in Atlanta, London, Paris, Tokyo and Moscow acts as a so-called WANO interface organisation and implements the different WANO programmes (“Event Reporting”, “Peer Reviews”, “Technical Support Missions” and workshops).
With regard to the WANO programme “Event Reporting”, the Reporting and Evaluation Centre is thus involved in the worldwide exchange of event reports.