Centralized Reliability and Events Database (ZEDB)

As far as the preparation and use of probabilistic safety analyses (PSAs) in concerned, plant-specific reliability data should be uses according to the German PSA guidelines.

The Centralized Reliability and Events Database (ZEDB) gathers and analyses operating experience gained at nuclear power plants. The analysis is performed unsing a two-stage Bayesian model to calculate plant specific and generic reliability data.

The collection of operating experience and the generation of reliability data for safety-related nuclear power plant components are continued and expanded (overview).

The results of analyses are published in technical-scientific reports of VGB (Listing of ZEDB publications). These reports contain:
  • Overview about the ZEDB and the method of analysis
  • Tables with results, including:
    • characterization of components population
    • generic and plant-specific values (5 % quantile, 50 % quantile (median) and 95 % quantile, k factor, mean value)
Participants of ZEDB:

19 units of German NPP
(since 2004: 17 units)
NPP Borssele (NL)
NPP Gösgen-Däniken (CH)

Operation and Analysis:

AREVA NP GmbH, Erlangen

Software Supply and Maintenance:    RISA Sicherheitsanalysen GmbH, Berlin