Wind Power Plants in Cold Climate | Postponed to autumn

2021-01-12 - 2021-01-13
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Operation of Wind Power Plants in Cold Climate postponed to autumn

Kindly be informed, that unfortunately we have to postpone our VGB Expert Webinar “Operation of Wind Power Plants in Cold Climate”, from 12/13 January 2021 to a later time in autumn 2021. We will inform you by spring 2021 about the new date for VGB Expert Event “Operation of Wind Power Plants in Cold Climate”.

Atmospheric icing has a significant impact on the development and the operation of wind turbines. Ice on the rotor blades disturbs the aerodynamics and thus causes production losses and increases noise emissions. Moreover, the additional ice loads may lead to extreme loads and increased fatigue. Depending on the requirements from local authorities wind turbine operators have to prevent ice throw from the turbines leading to additional downtimes and production losses. Thus, an optimized and efficient operation of wind turbines under icing conditions has become a very important topic over the last couple of years.

For the first time the results of the

VGB Research Project “Benchmark of blade-based ice detection systems”

will be presented at the webinar "Operation of Wind Power Plants in Cold Climate".

A comprehensive field test was launched in spring 2016 by VGB together with its member companies being active in the field of wind energy. The main objective of this project was to install and test four blade-based ice detection systems on the same wind turbine and during several winters. Meteotest has been mandated to lead the project and evaluate the results of the field test. The field test was carried out between 2016 and 2020 at the wind park StorRotliden in Västerbotten, Sweden. The wind park consists of 40 Vestas V90 wind turbines, which are non-heated. The wind park is owned and operated by Vattenfall.

The following topics will be highlighted at this event in order to enable an optimized and efficient operation of wind turbines under icing conditions:

  • Outcome of the VGB Research Projects dealing with ice detection
  • Operational optimization concepts
    • Operators of wind turbines
    • Manufacturer of wind power plants
    • Manufacturer of ice detection systems

The programme will leave enough time for extensive discussions and answering your questions.

The webinar addresses operators of wind power plants and all persons and institutions that are directly or indirectly involved in the installation or operation of wind power plants.

We would be very pleased to see you as participant at the Webinar in order to optimise the operation of wind power plants under cold climate conditions together with you.

  • Programme
    (Subject to revision)

    Last update: 13 November 2020

    Tuesday, 12 January 2021
    10:45 IDD.Blade® field experience – knowledge base for efficient operation in cold climate conditions
    Timo Klaas, Wölfel Wind Systems GmbH
    11:30 Activities of VGB PowerTech in the field of wind energy
    Ulrich Langnickel, VGB PowerTech e.V.
    12:00 Break
      Operation Optimization I
    13:00 Results of the VGB Research Projects
    • Evaluation of ice detection systems for wind turbines
    • Benchmark of blade-based ice detection systems
    Rene Cattin, Paul Froidevaux, Meteotest AG
    13:45 Panel discussion
    (Speakers and representatives of the analyzed blade ice detection systems)
    14:30 Break
      Operation Optimization II
    15:00 The learning curve from frozen cup anemometers to online cameras
    Peter Krohn, Vattenfall AB
    15:25 Lessons learned from our latest R&D project ICE-CONTROL
    Thomas Burchhart, VERBUND Green Power GmbH
    15:50 Predictive blade heating control
    Marc Hauser, BKW AG
    16:15 Panel discussion
    17:00 End of lecture programme
    Wednesday, 13 January 2021
      Ice Detection I
    09:00 Multi-modal response of a rotor under ice accretion
    Fabio Bertolotti, SSB Wind Systems GmbH & Co. KG | Nidec Industrial Automation
    09:25 Model-based ice-loss-detection from SCADA data
    Ines Runge, Nordex Energy GmbH
    09:50 Panel discussion
    10:15 Break
      Ice Detection II
    10:45 Condition monitoring directly on the blade surface
    Thomas Schlegl, eologix sensor technology Gmbh
    11:10 Why reliable ice detection is the centerpiece of optimized operation in cold climates
    Bernd Kuhnle, fos4X GmbH
    11:35 Beyond Ice Detection: How Rotor Blade Monitoring helps you managing your asset
    John Reimers, Weidmüller Monitoring Systems GmbH
    12:00 Panel discussion
    12:45 End of webinar