TG Performance Indicators


  • Collecting of power plant performance indicators with the help of the VGB online power plant information system KISSY
  • Determination of conventions for the publication of anonymized performance data of power plants
  • Preparation of availability- and unavailability reports
  • Definition of new performance indicators for comparative assessment of the performance of power plants in the liberalized power market
  • Management of road shows for performance indicators and power plant benchmarks
  • Appropriate guideline updating


  • Preparation of individual availability- and unavailability reports
    (Basis: anonymized power plant data base)
  • Elaboration and updating of VGB-Standards
    • Here you can free download the VGB-Standards of the series "Terms of Utility Industry" as PDF files.
    • Availability of Power Plants 2009 - 2018
      VGB-TW103Ve, Edition 2019
    • Analysis of Unavailability of Thermal Power Plants 2009 - 2018
      VGB-TW103Ae, Edition 2019
  • Online evaluation
    Online-Auswertung: EEX und NV-Leistung gesamt über dem Zeitstahl Online evaluation: Numbers of Power Plant Units over Classes of Energy utilization
  • Special evaluation
    Special evaluation: Medium unavailable time of fossile power plants Special evaluation: Numbers of Power Plant Units over Classes of Energy utilization

Current Topics

  • Definition of new performance indicators for the assessment of the operating performance of power plants on the liberalized power market
  • Development of KISSY regarding wind turbines
  • Development of KISSY regarding hydro power plants (pumped and storage power plants)
  • R&D projects supported by the European Working Panel:
  • Finished research project (selection)
    Project-No. Brief Description
     361 Reliability Indicators with KISSY
    Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for Power Plant Technologies supported by VGB.