TG Power Generation Maintenance Optimization Network (PGMON)

Despite competition between Power Generation Companies, the members of the group believe that there continues to be considerable benefits in adopting a co-operative approach to addressing the problems of the future. These benefits have been expanded over the past 10 years through formal and informal contact and exchange of information and experiences.

The changing energy market, deregulation, competition and concern for the environment are key factors both now and in the future. Considerable emphasis is placed on reduction of 0&M costs and increasing efficiency.

The members of the group have established as their mission:
  • To promote and to facilitate the continuous improvement of overall plant management practices.
This mission to be achieved by working on the identification, evaluation, and improvement of strategies, tools and methodologies in the field of power station maintenance and operation in areas such as:
  • Operations and Maintenance Costs
  • Production capability (Availability and RAM data)
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Risk Management
The current members of the Group (June 2010) are:
  • CEZ a.s. (Czech Republic), ESB (Ireland), AS Latvenergo (Lettland), EDF (France), Seven Engineering s.r.o. (Czech Republic), EDF (Great Britain), Vattenfall (Netherlands)
  • Meetings are conducted in English.
    New members (who must be members of VGB) are welcome.

Terms of References

Increase maintainability and availability by maintenance optimisation as a function of the operation conditions:
  • Asset management
  • Use of data basis
  • Low merit operation and flexibility
  • Mothballing
  • Decommissioning of power plants
  • Ageing and lifetime aspects
  • Maintenance strategy including spare parts management and LTSA
  • Condition monitoring and component health indication
  • Renewal and reconstruction of the equipment
  • Process and plant safety
  • Maintenance aspects from burning biomass and byproducts
  • Knowledge management
  • Influence of environmental regulations

Current Topics

  • Commercial availability
  • Life of CT blading
  • Cost of two-shifting Gas Turbines
  • Turbine cover-lift intervals
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance costs
  • Use of cost measurement and analysis as a performance indicator and a tool for performance improvement
  • Developments in VGB data base