TG Pipes and Valves


  • Exchange of experience to improve reliability in operation and availability
  • Informing the members regarding the experience gathered
  • Initiation and support of research projects
  • Creation and revision of guidelines and instruction sheets for maintaining and improving safety and availability
  • Checking and investigating operational incidents in power plants
  • Influencing control of national and European standardisation and legislative initiatives
  • Administrative support of the following directives:
    VGB-S-107 Ordering and design of fittings
    R 100 L Heat exchangers and feedwater tanks - Publishing (1st-half year 2011)
    R 507 Ordering of pipeline systems- Publishing (4th quarter 2010)
    R 510 L Pipe fixtures
    R 540 L Steam cooling in thermal power plants
    R 123
    1.2 + 1.6
    Guideline for instrumentation and control (temporarily till end of 2010)

    and instruction sheets:
    M 117 Asbestos-free static and quasi-static sealing
    M 530 H Thermal insulation of pipelines

Current Topics

  • Operational incidents involving pipelines, fittings and pressure vessels
  • Modern production technologies for manufacturing pipes and fitting
  • Implementation of the operational safety regulations in power plants
  • Condition monitoring of pipelines
  • Supervision R&D-Project "Optimization of spindle packing" (End July 2010)