TG Plant Management Systems and Technical IT


  • Further processing of data with added value effects to supporting information for all fields from production to management
  • Integration of humans, data and information-systems in view of using IT-technology as a tool for management


  • Supporting of business-processes with IT-technology
  • Assessment of information systems and management systems
  • To reveal consequences of new standards and laws in the IT-field

Current Topics

  • IT-Security: Implementation of the IT security act, Ordinance for definition of critical infrastructures and IT security catalogue; support in the implementation of ISMS and certifications
  • Transfer of experiences for the IT-support of business processes from conventional power generation for the area of RES, Co-organization of workshops
  • Editing of the part "Information processing" in preparation and execution of the VGB-Conference KELI
  • Preparation and implementation of legal specifications from view of IT-support (e.g. industrial safety regulation, eANV, IT-security law)
  • Structured and subject-related exchange of experience concerning the IT-support of business processes on all company levels (strategies, concepts, new technologies....)
  • Plant Management Systems
    Representation and evaluation of costs and benefits (development, implementation, operation and maintenance); Drafting of a general criteria catalogue, individual check through the operator, usage regarding the quantity (measurable) and the quality (e.g. maintaining of know-how, legally secure organization), adaption to change of organization forms
  • Current status to infrastructure, assignment and usefulness of operational optimization systems (e.g. process quality control)
  • Support of the work safety and implementation of appropriate conditions, provision of foundations to avert organization fault (legally secure data storage, organization and documentation, initiating of necessary tests)
  • Quality assurance of processes and tools for construction and operation of the power plants