VGB Congress "Power Plants 2015" with Technical Exhibition

2015-09-09 - 2015-09-10
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DrFischerCongr15The European electricity supply system is subject to rapid and fundamental changes. Renewables as well as conventional generation are facing considerable technical challenges due to the turnaround in energy policy and the EU energy union. New market conditions call for adjustment and innovation in order to enable economic generation and future investments.

At the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2015” entitled

„Energy Transition – Opportunities for Power Generation“

we will discuss the challenges as well as chances for our industry.

vgb-congress christensen (foto plus web96)We would like to welcome you in Vienna on September 9 and 20, 2015. The VGB Congress will offer a renowned lecture programme and exhibition where valuable contacts with decision makers can be made and current developments in politics, market and technology can be discussed.

We particularly appreciate the broad commitment of our Austrian hosts and our international lecturers. Vienna and Austria are an important European interface, thus offering the perfect setting to assess the challenges to be met by power supply and to set foundations for future decisions.

Our technical papers will focus on
  • Satisfying Demand for Electricity – Developments of Conventional Generation
  • Satisfying Demand for Electricity – Developments of Renewables
  • Ensuring System Stability and
  • Increasing Flexibility of Assets

and will trigger interesting discussions.

The further path of electricity generation in the 21st century, the optimisation of the value-added chain in power generation and the ideal positioning of the market will be on the agenda in Vienna in September 2015.

We are looking forward to your participation and your contributions at the VGB Congress “Power Plants 2015”, the get together of the European power and heat industry.