Innovation Award 2015

The Board of Trustees of the VGB-FORSCHUNGSSTIFTUNG awarded the VGB Innovation Award 2015 to

  • Markus Rabensteiner for his investigations on CO2 solvents at the post-combustion capture test facility of the Dürnrohr hard coal power station, Austria and
  • Dr. Martin Schiemann for his investigation of the pyrolysis behaviour and char burnout of solid fuels leading to a better understanding of the burnout kinetics of coal and biomass including torrefied biomass fuels.

The VGB Innovation Award, endowed with a total of 10,000 Euro, was handed over by the VGB chairman on the occasion of the VGB Congress "Power Plants 2015" in Wien/Austria on September 9, 2015.

VGB Innovation Award 2015

Dr. Bernhard Fischer and Erland Christensen awarding the VGB Innovation Award 2015 to Markus Rabensteiner und Dr Martin Schiemann.

(The photo shows from left to right: Erland Christensen, VGB Executive Managing Director, Dr Martin Schiemann and Markus Rabensteiner, VGB Innovation Award 2015 winners, Dr Bernhard Fischer, Chairman of the VGB Board of Directors)