Renewables and Distributed Generation

Use of renewable energy sources will play a decisive role in the energy supply of the future. The European Union has set the target to increase the share of renewables in total energy consumption to 20 % by the year 2020. This is associated with a rise of around 34 % in electricity generation. These targets have been incorporated in the national action plans of the member states, and implementation of the corresponding measures is being monitored on a continuous basis.

Together with hydro power, the use of wind energy and power generation from biomass will rank among the main pillars of the energy supply. These technologies will be supplemented by a wide range of approaches to distributed generation and the incorporation of storage technologies, and will have to be integrated in the existing and future energy supply systems.

The committees related to "Renewables and Distributed Generation" are dealing with all technical and economic issues concerning the use of renewables and decentralized generation technologies.

Terms of Reference:
  • Exchange of information and experience
  • Assessment of technical developments
  • Identification of optimum technical solutions
  • Issue of position papers
  • Representation to authorities and commissions
  • Communication with national and international associations
  • Evaluation and initiation of research projects

The international committees related to "Renewables and Distributed Generation" are established as follows: