Nuclear Power Plants

The main committee „Nuclear Power Plants“ is the only VGB panel with own rules of procedures. They enable the main committee and its three assigned technical committees to finance common projects.

Each project is financed on an individual cost sharing arrangement.

  • About 30 to 40 new projects per year
  • Total costs: approx. 5 Mio €/a
  • Financed by the VGB member companies (open to participation)
  • Currently about 80 projects
  • Monitored by panels

The department “Nuclear Power Plants” deals with the coordination, the order placement, the monitoring and the financial management of these projects.

Average Number and Type of Projects

Materials Engineering 6
Safety Assessment 12
Thermohydraulics, Core Design 5
Civil Engineering, Seismic Design 6
Electrical and I&C Engineering, incl. qualification of components 40
Operational Databases 4
Standards, legal questions 5
Others 4