VGB offers its member companies a neutral platform to co-operate in the field of joint research. All research activities are steered by the experts of the member companies with support of the respective person in charge organised in the specialised VGB committees.

The specialised VGB committees formulate the need for research in the respective fields of activity or examine external research proposals regarding their relevance in practise and short- and medium-term practicability in plant operation. The VGB experts and the committee members supervise the handling of the project and the transfer of the results.

The allocations of the member companies are the major contributions to finance the projects. Apart from project-related allocations from single member companies, a general research fund is to be paid by the ordinary members. The VGB Board of Directors decides on the use. Research projects of public interest are mainly financed by public means.

The joint research projects are mainly supported by the VGB-FORSCHUNGSSTIFTUNG (Research Foundation):

The relevant research projects are introduced topic-related.

Research activities for nuclear power plants usually deal with mission oriented research closely connected to the plant operation.

VGB Innovation Award

The Research Foundation annually awards the VGB Innovation Award to young university graduates of all fields of power and heat generation for outstanding achievements.