Freeze Resistance of Concrete with Fly Ash

Project Number 203

According to current standards, fly ash can only restrictively taken into account with respect to cement content and the water-cement ratio in concrete with high freeze-thaw and deicing salt resistance (e. g. for buildings in road construction). These restrictions exist because the suitability has not been proven sufficiently yet. Therefore, fly ash has hardly been applied in road construction.

The project is to provide a platform for abolition of these restrictions in future standards. It is the objective to extend the application range of fly ash and consequently the market for fly ash as concrete additive. The project is backed by the VGB Working Panel "Power Plant By-Products" and is to be supported within the scope of the VGB Co-ordinated Research Programme "Waste Management of Residues from Coal-fired Power Plants and Waste Incineration Plants" (ERKOM).

The programme will be realized at the Institute for Civil Engineering Research of the Aachen Technical University and at the Institute for Building Materials of the Munich Technical University. The programme will be finished according the schedule by the end of 2003.