Quantitatively Correct Online-Monitoring of Data from Corrosion Processes of Boilers Tubes in Steam Generators

Project Number 229

Within the scope of the research project the development of an equipment for quantitatively correct monitoring of data from corrosion processes of boiler tubes in steam generators is continued.

Previous work of the research institution showed that impedance spectroscopy as well as electrochemical noise techniques are especially practical for this purpose. Using this information, power generation companies are able to identify corrosion damages of boiler tubes and can correlate the cause of this damage to operation conditions of the plant. Consequently, it is possible to avoid such damages. An EPRI study showed, that great savings in overall maintenance costs are possible using online monitoring facilities.

Finally, a measurement equipment in a pre-commercial status is available which can be used on the one hand to record corrosion damages of boiler tubes in service and, on the other hand, for testing of novel boiler tube materials for advanced power plants under operation conditions.

The project is carried out from July 2002 to December 2004 by the Chair of Environmental Process Engineering and Process Technology of the Essen University (person in charge: Prof. Klaus Görner). The project is accompanied by a working group of the Working Panel "Thermal Waste Utilisation".