Support of a Component Test Facility (CTD) within the Framework of the Emax-Initiative - Application within the "Research Fund for Coal and Steel" (RFCS) Research Programme

Project Number 248

In co-operation with its member companies, VGB has initiated the power plant initiative Emax to support planning, construction and operation of a 400 MW demonstration plant based on the AD700 power plant concept. This is to ensure that a new power plant generation will be available when the demand for power plant replacement will become actual in 2010.

The Emax power plant initiative is borne by the European energy suppliers EDF, ELECTRABEL, ELSAM, ENBW, ENEL, ENERGI E2, E.ON, RWE and VATTENFALL.

The participating power plant producers have elaborated a technical concept for a Component Test Facility. Its goal is to prove technical maturity of materials for steam parameters of 700 °C during at least 30,000 operating hours within a period of 2005 to 2010.

The cost for realisation of the Component Test Facility is estimated to be some Euro 15.3 Mill. An application will be submitted for support of the demonstration project to the European Comission within the framework of the "Research Fund for Coal and Steel" (RFCS) research project.