Case Study on „Condition Monitoring of Pressurized Components“ – Dissertation Submitted for a Diploma/VGB-Athens Technical University

Project Number 258

For expansion of the knowledge basis in the field of subject “Condition monitoring of pressurized components”, case studies with the following programme are being realised:

  1. Analysis of damage occurred during operation (including classification).
  2. Evaluation of experience with periodic tests.
  3. Assessment of instrumentation (process control system and special instrumentation like thermal stress gauges and suspenders).
  4. Evaluation of metallographic investigations (replica, ultrasound, magnetic flux).
  5. Comparison with operating data of components with their design data (if available).
  6. Evaluation of non-availability of components.
  7. Application of calculation procedures (as per TRD) and perhaps their expansion (easier handling and presentation).
  8. Transfer function “Components stress/measured value)”.
  9. Derivation of inspection intervals for evaluation of the conditioned component.

The studies are based upon data from the Zolling, Voerde and Neurath power plants over a period of more than 20 years.

Further, the studies focus two different analytic aspects:

  1. Determination of residual service life of pressurized components.
  2. Evaluation of tension rates based upon information available (calculated and measured).

The case studies are realised within the framework of two dissertations at the Athens Technical University and technically supported by the General Committee “Fossil-fired Power Plants”.