Examinations of Water Permeability of Paved Areas

Project Number 267

In road construction by-products from waste incineration power plants are used - among others - as base layer material, mostly underneath paved areas. For this application, the requirements of the “Guidelines for the environmental-friendly utilisation of industrial by-products and recycling building materials in road construction - RuA StB” have to be met.

In co-operation with the Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen (FGSV), the Forschungsvereinigung der deutschen Beton- und Fertigteilindustrie e.V., the FEhS - Institut für Baustoff-Forschung e.V., and the Bundesvereinigung Recycling Baustoffe e.V. (BRB) the water permeability of paving areas shall be examined in situ with a special test equipment (Tropfinfiltrometer) dependent on the parameters

  • age of the paved areas,
  • type and quantity of the traffic volume,
  • material properties of the pavement, base and seam material as well as the layer underneath and the
  • current state dependent on the quality of the constructional performance and the utilisation.

The examinations are carried out by the institute for road construction and traffic systems of the RUB.