Comprehension Model for Slagging and Fouling (3V)

Project Number 277

Today, slagging and fouling phenomena are restricting factors in fuel selection for fossil-fired steam generators.

The 3V working group of the Working Panel “Fuel Technology/Firing Systems” has set the goal to elaborate simple and practical evaluation criteria for coal (blends) based upon operating experience, where the conventional codes are connected to plant- and operation parameters.

Concrete questions are expected to result from these reflections which could give rise to investigations that could define more precisely restrictions of hitherto experience and perhaps even extend them.

The questions arisen from operational practice by the 3V working group and the resulting investigation tasks are to be treated among others by working groups of the Bochum (Institute Prof. Scherer) and Duisburg/Essen Universities (Institute Prof. Görner). They have installed suitable test stands within the framework of the ef Ruhr under considerable (financial) support of VGB member companies. The 3V working group will propose a suitable test programme for universities.