Study Regarding the Effects of the Application of the Dispersion Model AUSTAL2000 with Pre-processing Wind Field Model TALdia Regarding Existing Permissions

Project Number 279

The preceding study (VGB research project No. 262) investigated the applicability of the dispersion model AUSTAL2000 with pre-processing wind field model TALdia being applied out of the range given in Annex 3 of the Technical Instructions on Air Pollution Control for diagnostic wind field models (source height/building height > 1.2). Within this scope extensive comparisons between the data acquired from wind tunnel experiments and calculations with the model system TALdia/AUSTAL2000 were performed. In total 10 power plant sites were considered, for which wind tunnel measurements were conducted between 1984 and 1998. It could be demonstrated that the conformity between the measurements in the wind tunnel and the model calculations was pretty good in the majority of the investigated cases, independent of the ratio source to building height.

Based on the results of the study future licensing procedures could be carried out without time-expensive and costly wind tunnel experiments making use of the model system TALdia/AUSTAL2000 instead.

There is still to check the effects of this approach on existing permissions. A comparison on the basis of real permission data considering both approaches shall be performed to develop generally accepted conclusions regarding the differences between them and to resolve upon further action.

The project is conducted by the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Umweltmeteorologie und Luftreinhaltung - Bahmann & Schmonsees GbR” under direction of Wolfram Bahmann. The results shall be available in summer 2006. The project is accompanied by the VGB Technical Committee “Air Pollution and Noise Control”.