Continued Creep Tests from Phase 1 of the European Research Project "Advanced 700 °C PF Power Plant“

Project Number 290

The Research Project “Advanced 700 °C PF Power Plant” (AD700) aiming at construction of a hard coal-fired demonstration power plant with steam temperatures up to 700 °C is divided into several phases (refer to VGB Project Nos. 220 “AD700-2” and 261 “COMTES700”).

Phase 1 of the project started already in 1998 and comprised a feasibility study that was successfully completed, as well as a programme for developing new materials, its support within the 5th EU Research Programme having expired in December 2004.

The creep tests started within the framework of phase 1 could not be completed for all materials selected to achievement of meaningful parameters by December 2004. However, these data are inevitable for later approval of the AD700 technology by the authorities.

For this reason, the tests have been continued since January 2005 upon own risk of the laboratories involved. Dong Energy Generation A/S, coordinator of the AD700 project, had thus addressed VGB and asked for financial support from the research fund. Upon this basis, the European Commission declared to be prepared for further partial support of the tests.

Within the framework of the project, creep tests with both, ferritic-martensitic (P92, H1F28, NF 12) and austenitic (Alloy 174, SAVE 25) as well as nickel-based materials (Alloy 4020, Inconel 740, Nimonic 263) are realised in the following laboratories:

  • Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A., Italy,
  • CESI S.p.A., Italy,
  • Mitsui Babcock Energy Ltd., Great Britain,
  • Electricité de France, Les Renardières, France.

The project is supported by the VGB Technical Committee “Materials and Quality Supervision”.