Deduction of Emission Factors for Dust from Coal Stockyards of Hard-coal and Lignite-fired Power Plants

Project Number 305

Regarding the PM10/PM 2.5 discussions and current licensing procedures the emissions of fine dust from diffuse sources (coal transport, transhipment and storage) become more and more important.

When carrying out dispersion calculations to calculate the additional immission load caused by a power plant the authorities usually make use of the Guideline VDI 3790, Part 3 "Emission of gases, odours and dusts from diffuse sources: Storage, transhipment and transportation of bulk materials" which applies much too high, non realistic emission factors for fine dust. These factors result in calculated additional loads which are considerably too high.

Therefore, within this research project realistic emission data for transport, transhipment and storage of hard coal and lignite shall be determined. Based on the results a unique approach shall be developed to derive and to establish the emission factors of the above diffuse sources.

With the results of this project the legal certainty of prediction expertises regarding the power plants' additional immission load shall be improved, licensing procedures shall be expedited and a more reliable basis for emissions reporting shall be provided. Furthermore the cause analysis in the field of air pollution control (clean air plans, action plans) can be objectified and possible measures concerning power plants can be based on their real emissions share.

The project will be realised from November 2007 till December 2010 by iMA Richter & Röckle GbR, Freiburg/Germany (headed by Claus-Jürgen Richter) in co-operation with IUTA e. V., Duisburg/Germany. The Technical Committee Air Pollution and Noise Control will technically support the investigations.