Work-related stress among employees in wind turbines

Project Number 358

In wind turbines at both onshore and offshore, construction and maintenance there is various professional personnel in the field, such as divers, electricians, fitters, etc. Here are a variety of pressures on the employees.

These will be analyzed in detail in this research project, especially in relation to diversity. Basic design is a descriptive analysis of activities, which gives an overview of the work-related stress in the various activities in relation to professional profiles and locations of wind turbines.

After the comprehensive risk analysis of activities the collected data and the survey instruments used for this purpose are evaluated. An estimation of load parameters using this instrument should be possible without a specific threat analysis on site, even if the type, size and geographic location of the wind turbine is known.

For use in the detailed activity and risk analysis an analysis sheet will be developed which after a short training session an occupational safety expert can apply in practice.
Based on this a concept for the care and safety and medical surveillance will be suggested.

The analysis sheet will be tested in running projects of RWE Innogy and E.ON Climate and Renewables.

The project is supervised by the VGB-European Working Group “HSE for Offshore Wind Parks”