Market analysis of control loop performance Online-Monitoring Systems (OMS) for power plants (Enhancement of VGB-project 331)

Project Number 360

Within the framework of the VGB-project 331 a methodology for systematic evaluation of control loop performance in power plants was developed. This methodology is based on meaningful control performance indicators and provides a transparent representation of the achieved control loop performance. Based on the results, knowledge about the performance of commercially available OMS is very useful for power plant operators.

The proposed project enhancement is divided into two work packages:

Work package 1: Overview of Online Monitoring Systems

Within this work package, an overview of OMS shall be established. The functionality of the OMS will be analysed with respect to the following questions:

  • Which are the investigated control loops?
  • Which operational modes are covered?
  • What are the underlying control loop performance indicators?
  • What are the methodologies that govern the evaluation of the con-trol loop performance?
  • Details that exceed the freely available information will be added as far as this information will be provided by the supplying com-pany.

Work package 2: Comparison to the results of the VGB-project 331

The findings of work package 1 shall be compared to the results of VGB-project 331 in order to find out whether these can contribute to OMS. Topics of interest are:

  • What are the differences between the methodologies?
  • Does the methodology that the project is based on have the potential to improve existing OMS?
  • Are there control loop performance indicators proposed in VGB-project 331 that should be included in OMS?

The project is supported by the VGB-Working Panel Control and Instrumentation and IT.