Identification and evaluation of burner-induced vibration values of boilers by optical-acoustic measurement - Recommendations for optimisation of the boiler operation mode

Project Number 378

Many boiler plants have to take account of burner-induced vibrations. The range of these vibrations is well known and it was avoided to operate the boiler in these ranges in the past. Due to the increased demand for plant flexibility and the resulting load cycles it is no longer possible to avoid the operation in these critical ranges.

Within the research project measurements will be carried out at a burner suffering from vibration problems and a standardized validation method for burner-induced vibrations will be developed. The vibration measurements on the system peripherals and acoustic reactions in the environment combined with optical measurements directly in the combustion chamber (and at the flame itself) allow a comprehensive assessment of the system status. It will be possible to investigate changes of the mentioned parameters directly in the combustion chamber and at the flame. Independent from the operating conditions the correction of the combustion control will be feasible without interruption.

The measurement system will be portable and therefore flexible and cost-efficient to use only in case of occurring vibration problems. The system enables to minimize the vibration and pulsation effects by the operation mode and to optimize the operation regarding efficiency, emissions, and life-time.

The project is supported by the VGB-Working-Panel "Industrial and Co-generation Stations".