VGB Contribution to the DENA German Energy Agency Ancillary services platform

Project Number 391

In 2010, the German federal government has decided to increase the share of renewable energy in the national electricity supply to up to 80% by 2050. This new course significantly changes both the relevant requirements and the technological and economic options for the supply of ancillary services which are vital to ensure secure and stable grid operation.

Results of the DENA Ancillary Services Study 2030 from July 2014 showed that, in principle, technological solutions exist for all types of ancillary services to guarantee the current level of stability, reliability and quality of the power system in the future. Content and schedule of measures necessary to adapt the supply of ancillary services have been defined in the Ancillary Services 2030 Roadmap. The DENA Ancillary Services Platform (DENA Plattform Systemdienstleistungen) was subsequently established to actively shape and promote the implementation of this roadmap.

The works of the platform, coordinated by DENA, are planned for a three-year period ending in autumn 2017. Among these are the continuous recording and evaluation of ongoing activities in the field of ancillary services, the pooling of key projects and institutions, the development of process standards applicable for the coordination of TSO, DSO and plant operators as well as the consolidation and communication of results, and recommendation for actions to politicians and experts.

The platform mainly involves grid operators and some renewable energy suppliers/operators and project developers. Close cooperation has been agreed with the German Federal Ministry of Economics. Participation of VGB allows to actively accompanying the change process in the field of ancillary services supply in the biggest European energy market from the view point of the European generators. Headed by the VGB Technical Group Electrical Engineering, I&C and IT, representatives of ordinary members companies in the field of conventional and renewable generation will be included in the project work.

The work will benefit from technical know-how gained in previous VGB-research projects, i.e. system stability (345), operation of power plants under the condition of increasing supply from wind parks and photovoltaic installations (333), wear models for power plant components (362, 376), as well as O&M of conventional and renewable plants.