TG Steam Generators


  • European ordering guidelines
  • CEN guidelines in the field of steam generators
  • Queries regarding TRD
  • Support of the VGB working parties:
    • steam generators
    • industrial and heating power stations, block-type thermal power station
    • waste heat boilers
  • Compilation of guidelines and bulletins
  • Organisation of meetings and conferences


Advice in the following areas:
  • Planning
  • Operation
  • Design
  • Arbitration procedures and mediation of contractual problems
  • Technical advice on damage and analyses in the sector:
    • steam generators
    • industrial and heating power stations
    • waste heat boilers
    • appurtenant components

Current Topics

  • TRD (Technical Rules for Steam Boilers)
  • Grate combustion system
  • Quickstartboiler
  • R&D projects supported by the Working Panel:
  • Finished research project (selection)
    Project-No. Brief Description
      Service life calculations of thick-walled components in steam generators
      Pressure losses on ribbed pipes in waste heat boiler plants
      Boiling trials to determine the "burn-out" in shell boilers
      New cleaning procedures (soot blowing) in steam generators using the "electropulse" method
    Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for Power Plant Technologies supported by VGB.