TG Steam Turbines


  • Experience exchangeExperience exchange
  • Damage analysis
  • VGB Guidelines
  • User meetings for biomass combustion
  • User meetings for waste incineration


  • Consulting in below mentioned areas
    • revision
    • damage analysis
  • Consulting in new development projects
  • Consulting in first initiation for industrial steam turbines

Current Topics

  • VGB Conference "Steam Turbines and Operation of Steam Turbines 2016"
    8/9 June 2016 in Dresden, Germany
  • Elaboration and updating of VGB-Standards:
    • Recommendations for Control and Lubrication Systems of Steam and Gas Turbine Installations
      VGB-M109Me, 1st Edition 1993
    • Fast Cooling-down of Steam Turbines
      VGB-M110Me, Edition 1987
    • Guideline for monitoring, limiting and protection devices on steam turbine plants
      VGB-R103Me, 4th Edition 1998
    • Guide for the Procurement of Steam Turbine Plants Part A, B and C
      VGB-R145Ce, 1st Edition 2008
    • Recommendation for Design and Operation of Vacuum Pumps at Steam Turbine Condensers
      VGB-R126Le, 2nd Edition 1986
    • Inspection and Testing of Large Forgings and Castings for Steam and Gas Turbine Generator Sets
      VGB-S-504-00-2013-12-EN (formerly: VGB-R504Me), Edition 2013
    • Thermal Behaviour of Steam Turbines
      VGB-R105Me, 5th Edition 1990
    • Preparation and Performance of Thermal Acceptance and Monitoring Tests on Gas-and-Steam Combined-Cycle Turbine Plants
      VGB-R123C2.8e, Edition 2003
    • Guideline for the Inspection and Evaluation of In-Service Rotors and Casings of Steam and Gas Turbine Generator Sets
      VGB-R512Me, 2nd Edition 2003