Strategic Forum Wind

Leading wind power plant operators agreed on bundling their interests under the umbrella of VGB PowerTech. Strategic requirements on the utilization of wind power from the viewpoint of operators are discussed on management level and corresponding measures are launched by the Strategic Forum. In addition to the exchange of information and experience, the companies are focussing their interests in cooperation to push forward standardization (VGB-Standards) and to represent operator interests in the different User Groups.

The advantages of a cooperation within a joint framework are:
  • Not being seen as “the only customer” with that problem
  • Representation and “one voice” of the operators interests
  • Strengthening the operators position towards the suppliers
  • Draw on experience already paid for within conventional technologies
  • Establish and learn from best practice
  • Establishing industry wide standards

The appropriate activities are supported by the Technical Committee “Wind Energy” as well as by the different User Groups and Project Groups editing with VGB-Standards. Technical lobbying from the operator´s point of view is one of the most important tasks of the Strategic Forum “Wind”. Appropriate position papers will be published.

In its role as cross-industrial strategic committee the main tasks have been faced out:
  • Coordination of the interests of the European wind power plant operators on management-level
  • Development of required strategies and supervision of the wind energy related activities
  • Definition of needed VGB-Standards and to be constituted User Groups
  • Treatment of important generation-relevant aspects
  • Exchange of information and experience
  • Coordination of joint European research and development projects
  • Representation of the operator interests towards the suppliers, authorities and in external standardising committees
  • Communication with commissions etc.
  • Provision of technical expertise as input to the policy making and strategic work of EURELECTRIC