TG Civil Structural Maintenance / Condition Monitoring

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The structural maintenance and the periodical condition monitoring of power plant constructions are part of the binding commitments of plant operators. Scopes and periods of inspections and repairs can be determined in dependency of intensity of impact on human beings and environment in case of a postulated failure as well as of the importance for the availability of a power plant.


  • Evaluation/classification of power plant buildings with regard to the operational importance, the risk potential, construction dependent maintenance demands and inspection periods
  • Specific advices on the building and material properties by specifying manners, scopes and methods of maintenance measures
  • Recommendations for condition monitoring of specific power plant buildings
  • Provision of samples of construction books
  • Analysis and assessment of practiced methods
  • Provision of sample lists for inspections and measurements
  • Recommendations for repair materials
  • Consideration of codes and ordinances, release and revision
    (relevant directives or regulations)
  • Elaboration of new VGB-Standards
  • Revision of VGB-Standards
  • Steering of affiliated project groups (expert groups)


  • Collection and documentation of experiences
  • Consultancy prior to/in the scope of planning and design procedures
  • Intermediation of expert consultancy