Heinrich-Mandel Prize 2001

The trustees of the VGB-FORSCHUNGSSTIFTUNG awarded the Heinrich-Mandel Prize for Power Plant Technology 2001 in equal parts

  • to Zsolt Szécsényi , Paks Nuclear Power Plant, Hungary, for the development of a probabilistic method to determine the uncertainty of fuel management codes used for restricted safety analysis. The method opens significant economic potential for the reactor code layout. Since 2000, the method has already been successfully applied at Paks.
  • and to Dr. Werner Krebs , Siemens KWU, Germany, for the development of novel codes for the analysis of thermo-acoustically induced combustion oscillations in heavy-duty gas turbines. Today, these tools allow to develop passive measures to mitigate these combustion oscillations. Thus it was possible to enlarge the operating regime of heavy-duty gas turbines significantly, providing an important contribution to the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions and to the further improvement of efficiency.

The 20,000 DM award was handed over on the occasion of VGB Congress "Power Plants 2001" on October, 10, 2001, in Brussels by the chairman of the VGB Board.

szecsenyi krebs

Gerd Jäger awards the Heinrich-Mandel Prize 2001 to Zsolt Szécsényi (left) and Werner Krebs (right)