Chemical investigations

The Chemical Investigation covers the chemical issues of Feed-Water-Chemistry, Conditioning Treatment and Operation mode. Chemistry fits well in the Portfolio of the Operational Services.

Summary of the scope of work:

  • Investigation of ion-exchange resins in water treatment plants.
  • Investigation of water treatment plants to determine the individual capacities.
  • Acceptance investigations of new water treatment plants according to the VGB bulleting M-407 G.
  • Check of the performance of deaerators in water-steam circuits and optimisation of quantity of lost vapours.
  • Check of power station blocks with regard to the possible conversation from an alkaline mode of operation to a combined operation.
  • Supervision of district heating networks and water-steam circuits on conversion of the operating mode.
  • Check of the formation of protective layers in newly commissioned boilers.
  • Check of the corrosion levels in water-steam circuits and initiation of optimisation measures.
  • Damage evaluation and processing with respect to possible chemical effects of the damage that has occurred.
  • Optimisation of the supervision, of the analysis frequency and of the instrumentation of water-steam circuits.
  • Technical advice on the operation of water-steam circuits on addition of so-called hydrazine substitute materials.
  • Technical advice on the study of the cause of damage after it has occurred as a result of various types of corrosion.
  • Investigation of pipe samples to determine the amount of deposits and cleaning procedures.
  • Investigation of pipe samples to determine the amount of residual deposits after pickling.
  • Technical advice and supervision of the pickling or chemical cleaning of water-steam circuits.
  • Implementation of workshops with the main focus on water treatment, conditioning and frequency of monitoring for the personnel of the power station.
  • Implementation of workshops for engineers on "water treatment and aqueous chemistry in steam power stations".