Terms of Utility Industry

Current complex technical development in power generation and increasing diversification of the electricity markets create new terms and designations that are penetrating daily routines. All parties involved can only communicate exactly and effectively, if the terms used are unambiguous and defined accurately. This is the basis that is needed for successful and safe working and clear understanding among politics, authorities, the public as well as research and science.

Here the VGB-Standard “Basic Terms of the Electric Utility Industry“ sets in: VGB experts have been elaborating and continuously updating this basic work since 1957. Terms related to elec-tricity generation and distribution, the electricity market and the electric utility industry are compiled and their meaning is unambiguously defined. The German and English versions are also the basis for communicating in the European power business.

Basic Terms of the Electric Utility Industry ι VGB-S-002-01-2019-05-EN
(formerly: RV809e)

VGB-S-002-01-2019-05-EN: Basic Terms of the Electric Utility Industry

Apart from the familiar content relating to
  • structural concepts in the industry,
  • power plant, grid, and integrated supply system terms,
  • energy and capacity terms and
  • terms from the stock exchanges and trading markets

now also newer terms from the immigrant energy transition and the global initiative to phase out fossil energy sources.

Synonymous explanations for concepts have also been cleaned up. In Annex 1, apart from concepts relating to thermal power plants, the differences compared to hydro power plants are also explained.

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Hydropower ι VGB-S-002-02-EN

VGB-S-002-02-EN: Hydropower

In order to do justice to its significance in terms of energy supplies, all previously released publications on the subject of hydropower have attempted to practically depict the complex links between technology/engineering, nature and official-legal standards. The hydropower industry includes, in the most general sense, all technical and economic disciplines involved in converting the potential and kinetic energy of water into electrical energy.

What can readers expect from the 1st edition of the new VGB-Standard VGB-S-002-02-2014-06-EN?

  • Basic definitions of hydropower-related terms (including hydrology)
  • Definition of hydropower-specific time, output/capacity and energy terms
  • Derivation of statistical and other plant parameters
  • An overview of current European standards
  • Definitions in additions to, extensions of and/or updates to the applicable DIN standards 4048 and 19700
  • The basic fundamentals of general statistics

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Technical and Commercial Key Indicators for Power Plants
VGB-S-002-03-2019-10-EN (formerly: RV808e)

VGB-S-002-03-2019-10-EN: Technical and Commercial Key Indicators for Power Plants

This VGB-Standard allows the user to make a technical and economic assessment of power plants. In addition, the effect of price effects and the legal requirements on the power plant operation can be analyzed using the VGB-Standard. In detail, the user receives analysis options in the assessment of power plant processes, the assessment of plant operation and the determination of economic success.

The operation of power plants or the utilization of different technologies in energy conversion depends on a number of restrictions, in the competitive environment, primarily on the costs as well as on the specific political framework in the electricity markets.

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Wind Turbines ─ Definitions and Indicators ι VGB-S-002-05-EN

Wind Turbines ─ Definitions and Indicators ι VGB-S-002-05-EN

While wind turbines, providing only a small share of the total energy generated in energy supply systems, have up to now primarily been operated around yield and depending exclusively on wind levels, with an increasing share, sustainable operation must in future take into account the technical requirements of the supply system as well as the market and network load requirements. On top of this, as with the previous conventional thermal power plants, maintenance optimisation, amongst other things, is necessary in order to achieve the longest possible service life under optimum operating conditions and therefore to allow the maximum yield from the wind power.

The VGB-Standard VGB-S-002-05-EN provides the basic definitions and parameters for describing conditions and ensures their consistent usage and therefore their clarity.

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VGB-S-002-01 - Grundbegriffe / Basic Terms
File Type Date Size
VGB-S-002-01-2015-10-FR (License publique generale) PDF 2018-10-25 2.9 MB
VGB-S-002-01-2019-05-DE (Public License) | NEU PDF 2020-04-01 3.47 MB
VGB-S-002-01-2019-05-EN (Public License) | NEW PDF 2020-04-01 3.47 MB
VGB-S-002-02 - Wasserkraft / Hydro Power
File Type Date Size
VGB-S-002-02-2014-06-DE (Public License) PDF 2016-07-13 0.7 MB
VGB-S-002-02-2014-06-EN (Public License) PDF 2016-07-13 0.73 MB
VGB-S-002-02-2014-06-FR (Public License) PDF 2017-02-15 1.46 MB
VGB-S-002-03 - Technische und kommerzielle Kennzahlen für Kraftwerksanlagen / Fundamentals and systematics of availability
File Type Date Size
VGB-S-002-03-2019-10-DE (Public License) | NEU PDF 2020-04-01 4.44 MB
VGB-S-002-03-2019-10-EN (Public License) | NEW PDF 2020-04-01 7.29 MB
VGB-S-002-03-FR (Public License) PDF 2019-10-10 9.29 MB
VGB-S-002-33-DE (Anlage zur Schriftenreihe) PDF 2019-04-04 2.42 MB
VGB-S-002-33-EN (Annex to VGB-S-002 Series) PDF 2019-04-04 2.11 MB
VGB-S-002-33-FR (Annex to VGB-S-002 Series) PDF 2019-04-04 2.35 MB
VGB-S-002-05 - Windenergieanlagen / Wind Power
File Type Date Size
VGB-S-002-05-2015-10-DE (Public License) PDF 2016-07-13 1.17 MB
VGB-S-002-05-2015-10-EN (Public License) PDF 2016-10-26 0.62 MB