TG Operational Management


  • Development of vocational training and further education concepts for future requirements
    • Adaption and new development of job profiles
    • Contemporary training forms and methods
    • Tools for education and training topics in the field of
      • Human resource management
      • Personnel management
      • Personnel development
  • Definition of qualification profiles for power plant personnel
  • Exchange of experiences (national and international)
  • Optimized plant process management, operational excellence


  • Collegial advice and workshops
  • Provision of best practice approaches
  • Face-to-face networking

Current topics

  • Work Environment 4.0 / Digitalization in Power Plant Operation
  • Shift systems in a challenging market environment
  • Demographic change – balancing act between maintaining competence and efficiency enhancement
  • Requirements for control center personnel with regard to further development of instrumentation and control
  • Central control stations – Challenges for the remote operation of power plants
  • Responsibility and distribution of tasks in power plant operation