VGB Conference "Gas Turbines and Operation of Gas Turbines 2015" with technical exhibition

2015-05-06 - 2015-05-07
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Einladung VGB-Konferenz "Gasturbinn und Gasturbinenbetrieb 2015"Every two years, VGB PowerTech e.V. invites plant operators, manufacturers, insurers, authorities and experts in the R&D field to intensify the exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas through presentations and extensive discussion of current issues relating to gas turbines and the operation of gas turbines. With many of our numerous co-operative partners from the gas turbine industry present, an event framework is provided that as an international forum creates the best environment for the development and extension of both business and personal contacts.

Considerable advances in research and development in the field of power plant and industrial gas turbines have led to gas turbine technology achieving a high degree of attractiveness both as core components of efficient, low-emission multi-function facilities and as drive systems for peak load systems and compressor stations. The efficiency of gas turbines and the lifetime of the highly loaded components have been and are being improved in considerable development stages, in particular by improving the materials, cooling technology, thermal insulation, hot gas component corrosion protection, aerodynamic design of the compressor and the turbine, and process design.

The increasing share of power generation from renewable energy sources with high fluctuations requires gas turbines with a high part load efficiency and comply with suitable reliability- and availabilityrequirements as well as reduced emissions for high load cycles and high load gradients. Global developments in the primary energy market and the European gas market with increasing fluctuations in the natural gas composition through LNG-variations and the expected supplementation of the gas in the distribution network with regenerative produced hydrogen fuel requires new combustion concepts.

The volatility of renewable generated energy and a decreasing residual load result in increasing demands on provision of primary and secondary control as well as minute reserve and black start capacity.

In the context with the enlarged requirement portfolio for power plant gas turbines questions regarding the consolidation of the “Lifecyclecosts”, the operational mode, maintenance and functional safety are prioritized during power plant discussions.


The conference will be accompanied by a Exhibition, which gives exhibitors the opportunity to present their companies and/or products. If you are interested to participate at the technical exhibition please contact: