Organisation & Statutes

VGB as a international technical association for generation and storage of power and heat is a non-profit organisation and a voluntary association of companies of power plant operators and manufacturers.

Funds of the association may be used only for statutable purposes.

Our organs are:
  • the General Assembly
  • the Board of Directors
  • the Technical Advisory Board
  • the Scientific Advisory Board
  • the Managing Board

The VGB General Assembly elects among its members the Board of Directors, which is supported by the Technical Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board.

The Board of Directors determines the Executive Managing Director, who is in charge of the ongoing affairs of VGB.

The current chairman of the Board of Directors is Dr. Georgios Stamatelopoulos, the Executive Managing Director is Dr. Oliver Then.

Structure of VGB PowerTech e.V.

VGB Essen-based Secretariat

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