Technical Committee Wind Energy

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The Technical Committee “Wind Energy” deals with all technical, operational and environmental issues with respect to the use of wind energy. Its´ members are mainly part of the technical management in their companies and have a wide range overview about the technical and environmental requirements for the operation of wind power plants.


  • Exchange of information and experience
  • Share and joint analyse of operational experience
  • Assessment of technical developments
  • Initiation and editing of VGB-Standards
  • Initiation, coordination and evaluation of research projects
  • Initiation of conferences and workshops

Current Topics / Benefits for members

  • Representation of operator interests with respect to manufacturers/suppliers
    • Representation and “one voice” of the operator’s interests
  • Initiation and update of VGB-Standards
    • Optimisation of the life cycle profit
  • Assessment of technical developments
    • Newest information on state of technology
  • Organisation of conferences and workshops
  • Coordination of joint research projects
    • Cost savings and build-up of know-how
  • Current research projects (selection)
    Project-No. Brief Description
    366 Standardised remote terminal unit for wind power plants
    387 Increased fatigue service life and inspection intervals of welded offshore foundations - FeLoSeFI
    383 Condition monitoring and structural-health monitoring of wind turbines: status quo, user experiences, recommendations
    392 Ice Detection Systems for Wind Turbines, Part I: Best Practice Study
    Here you can find all ongoing and concluded research projects for Renewables and Distributed Generation supported by VGB.