VGB Workshop "Biomass Ash"

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Programme VGB Workshop "Biomass Ash"

Biomass ash is produced by combustion of biomass for heat and power production. It is produced in boilers of different size and combustion technology. Whenever the production in small units and for district heating with mostly grate firing technology is practised since decades, the production in bigger units with fluidised bed combustion technology or converted coal boilers with dry bottom technology is increasing. Due to this, the total amount of biomass ash produced has increased.

The utilisation of biomass ash is depending on their physical, chemical and mineralogical properties. The properties are depending on biomass fuel and combustion technology. For coarse biomass ash the physical properties have predominantly to be considered for utilisation whereas for fine biomass ash the chemical composition is decisive. The range of biomass fuel is wide and covers e.g. fresh wood as also waste wood, agricultural residues like straw or manure. With the combustion technologies different feeding systems and operation conditions have to be considered. This results in different shares of fine and coarse ash amount to be considered for logistics reasons.

The workshop provides information about properties of biomass ash, existing and ongoing research work and aims in bridging gaps of knowledge for beneficial biomass ash utilisation in the different European member states. Experts will report about production, qualities and ongoing research as well as on existing fields of utilisation.

The workshop is addressed to all parties in and outside Europe actively involved or interested in biomass ash activities, from production, utilisation, regulation as well as research.