Biomass Ash

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IDA Danish Engineers Association
Kalvebod Brygge 31-33 1780 Copenhagen, Denmark
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Biomass ash is produced by combustion of biomass for heat and power production. It is produced in boilers of different size and combustion technology. For the ash management requirements by the Industrial Emissions Directives as well as best practises for utilisation according to the waste hierarchy in the Waste Directive have to be considered by the producers. On the other hand technical and environmental requirements for the use of such materials have to be met and end-users need reliability in availability, quality and finally also on legal safety for use.

The first VGB Biomass Ash Workshop in 2015 focussed technologies in production and processing of biomass ash and focussed the use for forest liming, developments for easy distribution of pellets and quality schemes for this application.

The workshop in 2017 continued with basic developments in regulations, especially based on the Circular Economy initiative, basic research work and field test of fertilizers s as well as option to serve forest owners needs in forest liming and respective requirements.

This upcoming workshop will concentrate on the various examples to use biomass ash especially for fertilisation and liming in the Nordic countries. But also regulatory developments as e.g. from the Strubias project for revision of the fertiliser act will be presented. The workshop aims in information of existing and ongoing works from research to regulatory aspects and will highlight results of field tests and regular use. It is for bridging gaps of knowledge for beneficial biomass ash utilisation in the different European member states.

  • Programme
    (Subject to revision)

    Last update: 14 March 2018

    Wednesday, 6 June 2018
    08:30 Opening of workshop office
    09:00 Opening Workshop
    N. Bech, StandardConsult, Denmark
    09:15 Biomass Ash and basic options for utilisation
    A. Saraber, Vliegasunie, Netherlands
    10:00 On the revision of the fertiliser act focussing the work of the STRUBIAS expert group
    R. Schrägle, Bundesgemeinschaft Holzasche e.V., Germany
    10:00 Coffee break
    11:00 Forest owners interest in fertilizing
    M.L. Bretner, Danish Forest Association, Denmark
    11:30 The use of Biomass Ash in FSC certified forest
    S.T. Nielsen, Forest Stewardship Council
    12:00 Lunch break
    13:00 New developments for the recycling of modern ash products
    P.F. Michelsen, NOAH, Norway
    13:30 Forest fertilisation with biomass ash in Finland- a report about 20 years of experience
    H. Suvanto, M. Raisanen, Ecolan, Finland
    14:00 Forest owners work in the use of bioash
    H. Johansson, Södra, Sweden
    14:30 Coffee break
    15:00 Biolite and the future process for use of a range of biomas ash
    I. Fox, PowerMinerals, United Kingdom
    15:30 The Compsoil Process for production of fertilisers
    S.S. Nielsen, Compsoil, Denmark
    16:00 Process steps for incineration ash use
    E. Rasmussen, Stena Recycling, Denmark
    16:30 Discussion/Conclusion
    17:00 End of conference
  • Venue
    • IDA Danish Engineers Association
      Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
      1780 Copenhagen, Denmark