VGB Workshop "Flue Gas Cleaning 2016"

2016-05-11 - 2016-05-12
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VGB-Workshop "Flue Gas Cleaning 2016"

The annual international VGB Workshop on Flue Gas Cleaning is organised by the VGB Technical Group “Emission Control”. The programme provides a platform for VGB members and other interested experts to obtain information, discuss developments in pollutant abatement and to gain experience in operation of flue gas cleaning installations.

This year's workshop covers a wide range of flue gas cleaning activities.

Beside advanced catalysts for mercury oxidation and primary NOx reduction technologies the topics are the development in FGD technology and construction materials.

Presentations by specialists from all over Europe and overseas provide a basis for discussion for all participants of the workshop. Therefore, and for the first time, we offer an open round table discussion about different topics to deepen the exchange of experience.

The workshop includes a guided power plant visit.