Materials and Quality Assurance

2019-05-23 - 2019-05-24
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Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS Dresden
Winterbergstraße 28, 01277 Dresden, Germany
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5th International Workshop Materials and Quality Asssurance
Copenhagen - Essen - Brussels - Vienna - Dresden

The VGB Workshop "Materials and Quality Assurance 2019" takes place in Dresden, Germany hosted by Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS Dresden on 23/24 May 2019.

Aim of the workshop is to permit results of advanced materials and quality assurance aspects.
The workshop is aimed at manufacturers, planners, operators, insurers and experts interested in technology and its environment, researcher, authorities and associations.

For your contributions we have provided the following important topics:

  • Lifetime Assessment, Flexibility
  • Materials and Components
  • Quality Assurance, Damages
  • Renewable Energy
  • Welding Technologies, Additive Manufacturing

The lectures and discussions will be held in English.

  • Programme

    Subject to changes - Conference language: English without simultaneous translation

    Last update: 6 May 2019

    THURSDAY, 23 MAY 2019
    08:00 Registration, Welcome-Coffee
    09:00 Opening
    Dr. J. Standfuß, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden, Germany
    Section I: Lifetime Assessment, Flexibility
    Moderator: Dr. J. Bareiß, EnBW, Stuttgart, Germany
    09:15 V1

    Impact of Changing Markets on Both Operational Behaviour and Component Integrity
    Dr. C. Wignall, Uniper Technologies Limited, Nottingham, UK

    09:40 V2

    Fatigue monitoring of a boiler recirculation pump
    Dr. T. Müller, KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal, Germany, Dr. K. Metzger, Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG, Mannheim, Germany and S. Bergholz, Framatome GmbH, Erlangen, Germany and F. Silber, MPA, Stuttgart, Germany



    Life assessment, maintenance and repair of welded joints of pipings at high temperatures
    M.Sc. R. Pohja, Lic.Tech. S. Tuurna, D.Sc. T. Hakala, D.Sc. A. Laukkanen, D.Sc. T. Andersson and M.Sc. P. Auerkari, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland Ltd., Tampere, Finland


    Coffee break


    Probabilistic Creep-Fatigue Lifetimes Assessment Approach: An Example Application
    F. Kölzow, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt/Germany, Dr. K. Helbig, GE Power AG, Mannheim/Germany, Dr. C. Kontermann and Prof. M. Oechsner, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt/Germany

    Section II: Materials and Components
    Moderator: C. Ullrich, VGB, Essen/Germany


    Creep Life Assessment for Welded Joint of P91 Steel Considering Material Properties of Each Pipe Used at Power Plant
    Dr. M. Yaguchi, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Yokosuka/Japan


    Challenges of Creep Rupture Data Assessments using the example of a large dataset of Grade P91
    Dr. M. Schwienheer, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt/Germany


    Development of Boiler Material Technology and the Verification of its Practical Applicability in Japanese National A-USC Project
    Dr. T. Tokairin, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd., Hiroshima/Japan and M. Kitamura, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd., Yokohama/Japan


    Super VM12 - The new 12%Cr steel for high-temperature applications
    Dr. M. Subanović, Dr.rer.nat. J. Pirón, M. Jarrar, A. Gauss and Dr.rer.nat. André Schneider, Vallourec Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf/Germany


    Lunch break

    Section III: Quality Assurance, Damages
    Moderator: Dr. G. Maier, Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg, Germany


    Non-Destructive Weld Inspection during the Welding Process – Possibilities and Limitations of an Inline Monitoring Approach
    Dr. F. Schubert, Dr. B. Bendjus, Dr. U. Cikalova, M. Stephan, R. Hipp, E. Schulze, M. Barth and Z. Bor, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden/Germany


    Depth sizing methods of operation induced flaws with automated phased array ultrasonic inspections
    A. Marx and S. Medenbach, MuM Müller und
    Medenbach GmbH, Gladbeck/Essen


    T24-Challenges of the repair of service exposed membrane walls
    Dr. C. Ullrich1, T. Hauke2 and P. Körner1
    1 VGB PowerTech Service GmbH, Essen/Germany
    2 Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG, Cottbus/Germany


    Coffee break


    Recent Damage Evaluations on Austenitic Boiler Tubes associated with Supercritical Plant
    Dr. S. Heckmann, RWE Power AG, Essen/Germany


    Forced Draft Fan Damages and Premature Fatigue Fractures in Cold Air Suction Ducts
    Dr. F. Unterumsberger, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe GmbH, Duisburg/Germany


    Remaining lifetime assessment of expansion joints
    in district heating grid
    P. Buhl, R. Nothdurft, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Stuttgart/Germany


    Evening event at the ship “Salonschiff  MS Gräfin Cosel”
    Riverboattrip, International Dixieland Festival, Fireworks hosted by KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal/Germany

    FRIDAY, 24 MAY 2019

    Section IV: Renewable Energy
    Moderator: Dr. S. Heckmann, RWE Power AG, Essen, Germany


    Damage Experiences in Solar Thermal Power Plants
    Dr. B. Persigehl, Dr. J. Stoiber and R. Weber, Allianz Risk Consulting GmbH, Munich/Germany


    Offshore Wind Energy – Steel Structures
    Dr. S. Weise and S. Dörfeldt, OWT GmbH, Leer/Germany


    Lessons Learned from damages of mechanical drive trains of wind turbines
    Dr. T. Griggel and T. Gellermann, Allianz Risk Consulting GmbH, Munich/Germany


    Coffee break

    Section V: Welding Technology, Additive Manufacturing
    Moderator: Dr. D. Dittrich, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden, Germany


    Laser-Multi-Pass Narrow-Gap Welding of Thick-Walled High Temperature Materials – 140 mm thick Alloy 617 occ
    B. Keßler, Dr. D. Dittrich, Prof. B. Brenner and Prof. C. Leyens, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden/Germany


    Microstructure and Fatigue Behavior of Laser Welded Alloy 617 occ
    Prof. M. Zimmermann, Dr. J. Kaspar, R. Kühne and Prof. Brenner, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden/Germany


    Advanced concepts for design life and residual life assessment of welded components under flexible operation applied on Alloy 617occ.
    Dr. G. Maier, Dr. I. Varfolomeev and H. Oesterlin, Fraunhofer IWM, Freiburg/Germany


    Additive Manufacturing of powdery Ni-based Superalloys for Advanced Application
    J. Moritz, Dr. E. Lopez, A. Seidel, M. Riede, F. Brückner and Prof. C. Leyens, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden/Germany


    Inline Monitoring of Material Parameters in Additive Manufacturing by Laser Speckle Photometry
    Dr. U. Cikalova, Dr. B. Bendjus, Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS, Dresden/Germany


    Discussion of presentation, information about working groups
    Moderator: Dr.  J. Bareiß, EnBW, Stuttgart/Germany


    Lunch break


    Working groups with practical presentations

    A – Potentials for Laser Beam Welding of High Temperature alloys
    Processes/Systems Technology/Quality Assurance
    Dr. D. Dittrich, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden/Germany

    BMicrostructure and fatigue behavior
    Structure and Defect Evaluation/High Resolution Electron Microscopy/Efficient Parameter Identification
    Prof. M. Zimmermann, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden, Germany

    CActivities and Potentials of additive manufacturing at Fraunhofer IWS
    Processes/Systems Technology/Inspection Methods
    Dr. E. Lopez, Fraunhofer IWS, Dresden, Germany


    Bilateral exchange of knowledge for individual topics with Fraunhofer scientists


    End of the workshop

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  • Venue
  • Evening event


    The evening event will take place on the paddle steamer "Salonschiff MS Gräfin Cosel". The River Cruise on the Elbe takes place during the International Dixieland Festival with subsequent fireworks.