Demonstration of Large Scale Biomass Co-Firing and Supply Chain Integration (DEBCO)

Projektnummer 322

The project Demonstration of large Scale Biomass Co-Firing and Supply Chain Integration (DEBCO) responds to the need for further operational experience in high share biomass co-firing using different type of fuels.

The project aims to demonstrate and assess, on a long term basis, the advanced and innovative co-firing techniques that are capable of achieving higher shares of biomass up to 50 % more on a thermal basis.

These objectives will be achieved through a programme of research activities, large-scale demonstrations and long-term monitoring of the key co-firing concepts. The selection of four representative demonstration sites will allow a long-term monitoring and assessment of the most relevant applications such as: different fuel supply chain scenarios, fuel qualities (agriculture residues, energy crops, wood pellets etc.), and advanced co-firing techniques of different power plants burning lignite and bituminous coals.

This experience will be relevant for future co-firing projects involving both the retrofit of existing plants and for advanced coal-fired power plants. This will assist the ongoing efforts in most European countries to increase the share of electricity supplied from renewable energy sources.

The international research project is partly financed by the European Union and is being coordinated by ENEL Produzione s.p.A. In total 17 companies/utilities as well as research institutes are involved within this project. The project is monitored by the VGB European Working Group Biomass .