Examination of operational and failure behaviour of thick-walled components for high efficient power plants (HWT II)

Projektnummer 354

The key goal of HWT II is to concentrate together with the ENCIO project all scientific and technological efforts to make 700°C technologies ready for deployment in coal-fired power plants. HWT II is an important step before the erection of a 700°C power plant can start.

This step consists of the installation of a test facility at the GKM power plant in Mannheim (Germany). The project is focused on scientific investigations, aiming at modelling the material and component behaviour and the validation of these results by means of specific designed component tests. Cyclic start-up and shut-down loading cause thermo-mechanical creep-fatigue in the material and thus delivers results about the failure behaviour of components in a flexibly operated power plant.

The technical concept of the test facility is as follows:

The project is financed by the industry and the German Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi, funding number: 03ET2017). The industrial fund consists of contributions of generating companies, equipment and material suppliers and inspection authorities involved in the project. GKM is contractor to the BMWi.

Full partners are research institutes, equipment and material suppliers and the companies BASF, EnBW, ENT, GKM, MVV and VGB, representing the following generators: CEZ, EDF, ENEL, Eskom, Evonik, EVN, GDF Suez, RWE, Vattenfall.
Other partners are ABB, BBS, BGH, BHR, Bopp & Reuther, Böhler, EagleBurgmann, IfW, IWM, KAM, KSB, Lisega, MPA Stuttgart, RWTH Aachen, Saarschmiede, SLV, SMST, TÜV, ThyssenKrupp VDM, V&M, Wrede & Niedecken, Welland & Tuxhorn.

The project has started in January 2011. The overall project duration is four years (48 months). The start of operation is foreseen for end of September 2012. The end of the project is planned for end of 2014.

On a half-year basis, the status of the project will be reported to the Technical Committee Materials and Quality Supervision.