Mercury Control

06.12.2018 - 07.12.2018
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Friedrichstraße 151, 10117 Berlin
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(Language: English only!)

For mercury removal the operators of coal-fired power plants have a great challenge to meet the new emission limit values, which will become mandatory in the next years. Therefore, VGB offers a platform for an international exchange of ideas and experience.

The workshop focuses on four main topics:

  • Monitoring aspects
  • FGD behaviour
  • Research results
  • Plant experiences

Presentations by specialists from all over Europe and overseas provide a basis for a fruitful and interesting discussion.

  • Programme
    ((Subject to revision))

    Last update: 15 October 2018

    Thursday, 6 December 2018
    11:30 Opening of the conference office
    12:50 Welcome
    A. Wecker, VGB PowerTech, Essen/Germany
    13:00 Overview of existing and forthcoming EU regulation impacting mercury emissions from combustion installations
    R. Bussac, EDF, St. Denis/France
    13:30 Mercury monitoring of the emissions with the use of sorbent traps
    G. Debus, N. Ivanov, Lumex Analytics GmbH, Wakendorf/Germany, J. Siperstein, OhioLumex, Solon/USA
    14:00 Cost-effective mercury abatement at hard coal-fired boilers by small amounts of bromide and PRAVO
    B. Vosteen, Vosteen Consulting GmbH, Cologne, G. Fülöp, PANCHEMIE Dr. Gabor Fülöp e.K., Kerpen/Germany, M. Kramer, A. Gruber-Waltl, Andritz AG, Raaba-Grambach/Austria
    14:30 Coffee break
    15:00 Stabilisation/fixation for discharging non-toxic mercury compounds (HgS) from scrubber systems of waste incineration plants and FGD power stations
    J. Fritzsche, NET New Environmental Technology GmbH, Mannheim/Germany
    15:30 Achieving cost-effective Hg emissions compliance through SCR co-benefits
    C. Bertole, CORMETECH, Durham/USA
    16:00 Mercury emission control with bromine, an alternative approach
    E. Olthuis, E.H.G. Peeters, ATM, Moerdijk/The Netherlands
    16:30 Coffee break
    17:00 The mercury emissions from combustion of coal and lignite in large combustion plants in the Czech Republic
    L. Pilar, Czech Technical University of Prague, Prague, S. Zbyszek, K. Borovec, TU of Ostrava, Z. Rostislav, Envir & Power Ostrava plc, Ostrava/Czech Republic
    17:30 Measures to meet the provisions of LCP BAT conclusions on mercury control – a view of the CEZ Group
    L. Dušek, P. Frolka, CEZ, Prague/Czech Republic
    18:00 End of the first day
    18:30 All participants meet in front of the hotel lobby
    Joint walk to the Restaurant Maximilians
    Friday, 7 December 2018
    09:00 The impact of mercury in German plasterboard plants using FGD gypsum
    H.-J. Kersten, Bundesverband der Gipsindustrie, Berlin/Germany
    09:30 Experience in activated carbon testing – the right choice of powder activated carbon under high mercury and sulfur trioxide concentration
    T. Zukowski, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon, Berlin/Germany
    10:00 New developments in Hg emissions control through FGD operational improvements and hydrocyclone performance indicators
    M. Pastore, EES Corp., Sandy Hook/USA
    10:30 Investigation of absorption and re-emission of mercury in FGD
    I. Klöfer, M. Bittig, IUTA, Duisburg, D. Herrmann, A. Ohle, TU Dresden, Dresden/Germany
    11:00 Coffee break
    11:30 Occurrence of mercury in coals and their release behaviour
    A.-C. Schwieger, TU Dreden, Dresden/Germany
    12:00 Mercury and SO2 control in lignite-based power plants – experiences with the GORE technology
    O. Petzoldt, W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH, Putzbrun/Germany; P. Schauer, eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co.KG, Chemnitz/Germany
    12:30 VGB member activities for the reduction of mercury emissions
    A. Wecker, VGB PowerTech e.V., Essen/Germany
    13:00 Lunch break
    14:00 End of the workshop
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