Mercury Control

02.12.2021 - 03.12.2021
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NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse
Friedrichstr. 96, 10117 Berlin
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Seminar / Workshop

(Language: English only!)

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The projects and development work on further reduction of mercury emissions in power plants and waste-to-energy plants, which ex-tend from fundamental research to practical process engineering applications, are highly complex as a result of the complexity of mercury chemistry and the many-faceted chemical and process interactions with mercury. It has been seen, for example, that the effect of mercury-related separation technologies is often highly dependent on the particular plant and even unit, and that a general application to other plants is often impossible or restricted in scope.

In the context of the future limits, continuous emission measuring is of decisive importance. The measuring uncertainties of the emission measuring systems available at present are of the same order of magnitude as the future limits. Only a suitable continuous emission measuring technology will be able to provide operators with the information necessary to implement optimum control of the processes.

Therefore, it is an urgent need to bring all parties together for an exchange of ideas and experiences regarding the reduction of mercury release into water and air and the measurement techniques.

VGB would like to give a platform by an international workshop!